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All the on-campus housing facilities available at ETSU are described in detail at the Housing Office. It is very important that you send in an application and deposit, which is refundable if you do not enroll at ETSU; otherwise, it is not refundable. ($100.00 for residence halls and $150.00 for married and graduate student housing.) Send it to the Housing Office well in advance of your arrival. If you arrive on campus without having made housing arrangements, the university will not guarantee on-campus housing. In this instance, you will need to arrange for a hotel room until you find a place to live, and hotel reservations should be made early.

Generally, residence halls officially open on the day before classes begin; please check with the Housing Office. However, if you wish for an early arrival, you must make arrangements directly with the Housing Office before arriving: . Due to limited resources, last minute requests for temporary housing cannot be honored.

For additional information about On-Campus Housing, please contact the Housing Office.

Off-campus: Off-campus housing may prove difficult to secure before you arrive; we strongly recommend that you stay on campus for the first year. However, if you wish to live off-campus, please make plans to arrive in Johnson City at least 2 weeks before classes start so that you will have plenty of time to arrange for accommodations.

Unfortunately, East Tennessee State University does not provide individual assistance for off-campus placements. Limited information about Off-Campus Housing with a list of rental/lease units is available at Adult, Commuter & Transfer Services (ACTS). ETSU does not have an office for off-campus housing.
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