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Research Experience for Undergraduates

National Science FoundationIntegrative Developmental Biology at ETSU

Individual Research Projects

Research projects in integrative developmental biology are supported by a consortium of six faculty from the ETSU Department of Biological Sciences and the ETSU College of Medicine. Studies emphasize two major areas of investigation:

  1. Developmental Physiology of Embryonic Nutrition.   Two major aims of this collaborative research project are to understand 1) the mechanism of calcium transport to developing embryos of reptiles, and 2) how the pattern of maternal calcium provision influences embryonic nutrition and skeletogenesis.


  1. Developmental Neurobiology of Sensory and Autonomic Systems.  A primary goal of this research program is to understand how complex, highly integrated neural control systems develop.  Development of sensory structures and neural pathways requires a precise sequence of interactive events; a general theme common to many developing systems.   


Embryo of the European common lizard, which gives birth to live young.  Embryos lack eggshells and calcium is delivered to embryos across a placenta.    Immunofluorescence labeling for Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA) in the mouse lingual circumvallate papilla.   Section of an embryonic rat eye labeled with Kip1 antibody, indicating active cell differentiation in the retina and developing lens.
If you should have questions, please contact: Dr. Rebecca Pyles (pylesr@etsu.edu, 423-439-6077) OR Dr. James Stewart (stewarjr@etsu.edu, 423-439-6927).
NSF Research Experience
for Undergraduates
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Individual Research Projects Projects #1 -
Embryonic Nutrition
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Developmental Neurobiology

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