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Student-Faculty Collaborative Grant Past Awards

Research Abroad Past Grants
Student Travel Grant Past Awards

Summer 2013 - Research Fellowships
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
David, Donald Kumar Biology Characterization and expression of tomato methyl salicylate esterase
Malone, Taylor Kortum Philosophy Rock art and archaeology: Investigating ritual landscape in the Mongolian Altai
McCullough, Ben Levy Biology Floristic survey and community analysis of Doe Mountain
Peck, Zachary Harker Philosophy The effects of environmental enrichment on nicotine sensitization in a rodent model of schizophrenia
Spring 2013
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Baker, Cody Cherry Allied Health Dose creep: Is it real or imagined?
Boven, Sam Slatton Art & Design Grand perspective
Burchett, Tabitha Drummond Nursing Efficacy of the arvigo techniques of Maya abdominal therapy on relief of dysmenorrhea symptoms in women
Cullity, Benjamin Franklin Anthropology The Riverport road site: Analysis of Late Prehistoric pottery styles and influences
Frye, Hannah Ecay Biomedical Sciences Protein expression as regulated by calcium availability in the embryos of corn snakes
Green, Kemble Wachs Honors Nursing contamination: Wearing scrubs in public
Harrison Eleanor Walls Pharmaceutical Sciences Correction of toxic RNA transcripts in a clinically relevant cellular model of dystrophia myotonica type 1
Jenkins, Bradlee Glenn Nursing The lived experience of asthma and lung transplant on self-care and morbidity in cystic fibrosis
Ketron, Molly Zhao Chemistry Thallium complex of poly(3-p-tolyl-4cyano)pyrazolyborate
Kinser, Brent Kilaru Biology Cloning and characterization of a putative fatty acid amide hydrolase gene in moss
Longway, Forrest Nauli Health Sciences Dose-dependent effect of hormones on intestinal lipoprotein secretion
Mauter, Sarah McBee Psychology Effects of ADHD and attentional deficits in insight problem solving
Schlitt, Marjorie Brown Psychology The effects of environmental enrichment on nicotine sensitization in a rodent model of schizophrenia
Shreve, Nathan Franklin Anthropology Site 40WG124: A rare and important site for early Cherokee research in upper east Tennessee
Stallard, Derek Brown Pharmaceutical Sciences A systematic column comparison for the quantification of 13 opioids using LC-MS
Street, Dayton Mei Chemistry Synthesis of diazonium (perfluoroalkyl) benzenesulfonimide monomer analogues for proton exchange membrane fuel cells\
Fall 2012
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Bennett, Jamie King Sociology Dowsing traditions in southern Appalachia
Chinedozi, Ify Sell Nursing Effects of cardiovascular exercises in Wii Fit Plus on cognitive functioning and depression in older adults
Donald, David Kumar Biology Characterization of tomato methyl salicylate esterase
Duty, Chase Brown Psychology The role of dopamine D2 receptors in methylphenidate conditioned place preference
Fox, Lindsey Ayasoufi Mathematics Numerical study of the effect of blood vessel geometry on plaque formation
Gong, Henry Musich Biochemistry DNA replication vs DNA damage accumulation during the onset of senescence
Griffin, Stephen Brown Psychology Methylphenidate cross-sensitization with nicotine in adolescence
Harris, Tasha Clark Allied Health Impact of oxidative stress on female fertility
Hoover, Andrea Onyango Health Sciences Intestinal barrier function in diabetes mellitus in mice
King, Megan Smith Art & Design Hispanic Appalachia
Oliver, Kristen Nelson/Majeski Language/Political Science Hispanic immigration and migration: When does one truly become “American”?
Overton, Jordan Lehfeld Computer Science Investigating network traffic generated by consumer mobile devices
Parkey, Shannon Hillhouse Public Health Investigating stress tanning using the timeline follow-back procedure
Popovic, Bojana Gerard Art Learning to walk
Rich, Brian Kirkby Chemistry Quantum chemistry calculations of phosphorous and arsenic oxide clusters
Truelsen, Kristopher Andrade Bluegrass The Monroe Brothers: Approach to early country mandolin and guitar
Underdown, Mary Clark Allied Health Evaluation of topical antioxidant gel for wound healing in a validated animal model
Zhang, Quianru Tan Engineering Technology Real-time EEG signal processing based on TI's TMS320C6713 DSK
Summer 2012 - Research Fellowships
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Gilley, Michelle Mink Art & Design Digital printing on fabric and traditional hand-dyed fabric
Heath, Allyn Joplin Biology Sexual ontgeny of the flesh fly, Sarcophaga crassipalis, and its effect on spatial behavior
Keane, Shae Crumley Political Science Voices of Rwandan women: What if the world had heard?
Montano, Emil Karsai Biology A 3D agent based model of competitive interactions
Morrissey, Julie Elgazzar Internal Medicine
Molecular mechanism of resolution of endotoxin tolerance by ethyl pyruvate
Wolfe, Cheri Cherry Social Work Arizona Senate Bill 1070: A social work policy analysis
Spring 2012
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Bolte, Christina Franklin Sociology/Anthropology Dating the initial Cherokee presence in East Tennessee
DiPeri, Timothy Ordway Pharmacology Myocardial infarction induces blood-brain barrier disruption through actions of C-reactive protein
Kinser, Brent Jiang Chemistry Synthesis of a hybrid predrug of resveratrol and delta-tocotrienol
Perry, Evan Johnson Biochemistry Expression  of human neutrophil myeloblastin in Pichia pastoris
Pierce, Brian Chen Geosciences A spatial investigation of poverty levels n the State of Tennessee
Poole, Jacob Forsman Health Sciences Ovarian modifications in mice exposed to whole-body radiation
Powell, Dustin Brown Psychology The effects of adolescent methylphenidate administration on conditioned place preference and the dopamine transporter
Spiegel, Timothy Nandi/Luffin Geosciences Relationship of gully erosion on east Tennessee hill slopes due to precipitation pattern
Taylor, Candace Cline HDAL Father belief and literacy activities study
Treece, Nicholas/ Lawson, Casey McCallister Sociology/Anthropology Assessing provider satisfaction with project access
Wang, Ziqiao Close Physics Computing accurate hyperfine couplings with Gaussian
Fall 2011
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Agrawal, Devanshu Karsai Biology Effect of the common stomach on individual behavior in wasp colonies
Blair, Tesha Vasiliev Chemistry Synthesis of titancenes containing functionalized tether
Cartwright, Brian Zou Biochemistry Effect of RFC1 truncation on RFC complex formation in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome cells
Davis, Jessica Liu Biology Fossil seeds of Corylopsis (Hamamelidaceae) from the Gray Fossil Site
Elkins, Jeffrey Bateson Bluegrass Two-finger banjo project, Phase 1
Fox, Lindsey Ayasoufi Mathematics Equivalent material properties for a perforated material
Gaughan, Caitlin Zhao Chemistry Tris(3-p-tolyl-4-cyano)pyrazolylborate metal complex
Lundy, Anthony Joplin Biology Female-female behavioral interactions in Sarcophaga crassipalpis
Patel, Vini Jiang Chemistry Synthesis and evaluation of an oxazine probe in the detection of prostate cancer cells
Simms, Leah Wachs Nursing Cocke County health assessment
Tan, Jennie Eagle Chemistry Synthesis and characterization of complexes of {Rh2(NPhCOCH3)4] and nitriles
Thomas, Jesse Brown Psychology Eticlopride blockade of methylphenide sensitization in adolescent female rats
Thompson, Roger Nauli Health Sciences Dose-dependent effect of dietary fat and collagen on chylomicron production
Yang, Cheng Sun Chemistry Development of a facile method to attach a single gold nanoparticle on a nanometer-sized Pt electrode
Zhang, Shuang Agrawal Pharmacology Role of the transcription factor NF-kB in C-reactive protein gene expression
Underdown, Mary Clark Allied Health Topical antioxidant formulation for wound healing
Summer 2011 - Research Fellowships
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Amine, Mahmoud Kady Chemistry Synthesis and study of glycoside hydrolase models
Armstrong, Juliana Sellers Psychology P300 brain-computer interface administered quality of life assessment in an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis population
Champouillon, Luke Kortum Sociology & Anthropology Varieties of sacred deer imagery
Gunter, Bryan Hoover Pharmacology Analysis of retrograde neuronal transport of neuronin in adult mouse heart
Isang, Imaobong Chakraborty Health Sciences
AlgZ purification and crystallization
Lambert, Adam Graves Literature & Language A creative study of southern Appalachian poetry
Spring 2011
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Carney, Caitlin Keene Cardiopulmonary
Clinical simulation laboratories: The disconnect between their application and continuing education environments
Carver, Karen Hutson Nursing
Evaluation of patient perspective of nursing care with newly implemented couplet care model
Craig, Ellen Nandi Geosciences
Textural, chemical and statistical analysis of the parent rock of the Cranberry iron mine
Duncan, Daniel Lehrfeld Computer Information Sciences
Investigating the uses of shell BAG data in the registry of a Windows 7 operating system
Gaebler, Hannah Loury Nursing
Barriers to treatment for Type 2 Diabetes in the Hispanic population
Kahre, Nathan Pitchett Health Sciences
Identification of novel Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence factors
Laska, Peter Nauli Health Sciences
Comparing chylomicron and VLDL dietary fat uptake by adipose cells
Manz, LeaAnn Silver Environmental Health
Expert and non-expert rankings of ergonomic stressors in the regional tomato industry, using the rapid entire body assessment (REBA) method
Minnigh, Josie Brown Psychology
Effect of methlphenidate sensitization during adolescence on glial cell line derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF).
Navel, Jeffrey Franklin Sociology & Anthropology
Archaeological analysis of stone artifacts and assemblage formation at Far View Gap Bluff Shelter
Zavala, Ana Loury Nursing Post partum depression qualitative pilot study in Hispanic women
Fall 2010
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Chaudhary, Hira Kumar Biology Cloning and Characterization of Tomato homolog of SA-methly esterase
Fox, Lindsey Ayasourfi Math An improved measure for quality of mixing
Hodges, Karie Johnson Biochemistry Expression of Human Neutrophil Elastase in K.lactis and P.pastoris
Knight, Trevor Zhao Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization of 3-phenyl-4-cyanopyrazole and its Metal Complexes
Kovachka, Petya Burkette Accounting How states requirements for the CPA exam are correlated with passing rates
Losey, Bradley Vasiliev Chemistry Adsorbents for clean-up of contaminated wastewaters
Montano, Emil Karsai Biology Population interactions controlled by the flow of energy in a closed system
O'Connell, Bethesda Pyles Honors Differences in Ossification Patterns in Virginia striatula and Pantherophis guttatus
Ogelsby/Phillips Sytsma Philosophy Is it obvious that there can be no pain hallucinations?
Phillips, Mark Joplin Biology The effect of biogenic amines on aggressive interaction in the flesh fly
Roberts, Addie Brown Psychology Mechanisms of nicotine sensitization in a rodent model of schizophrenia
Roland, Byron Karsai Biology The Effect of Fire on Ecosystem Dynamics
Stinnett, Haley Ecay Physiology Calcium provision in a placentotrophic lizard
Strother, Joshua Kirkby Chemistry Quantum Chemistry Study of Spin Trap - Water Clusters
Summer 2010 - Research Fellowships
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Bridges, Laken Slatton Art and Design The animal in art: a symbol of the psyche
Calloway, Johnathan Polaha Psychology Training Pediatric Residents to Manage Treatment for ADHD: a Feasibility Study
Copeland, Cara Pond Pharmacy Analyze the pharmacokinetic profile of methylphenidate after prenatal exposure in Swiss-Webster mice
Hoover, Sarah Schrift Anthropology/ Sociology Oral History of Southwest Virginia Mental Heath Institute
Jamieson, William Beele Mathmatics Properties of the Iterated Square Graph
Richesin, Anna HDAL Harley The process of an 8-step change initiative in a local nonprofit organization
Sheffield, Katie Smith Art Along the Clinchfield Railroad
Spring 2010
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Akoury, Tamer Stone Chemistry Chiral Ester Prodrugs to treat Melanoma
Cao, Xinyzan Kao Surgery TLR4 Antagonist for Trauma-Hemorrhage
Conde, Rachel Gao Geoscience Develop High Precision Time Series of Trace Metal Records on Speleothem Samples from Morril's Cave, Eastern Tennessee
Hoss, Sarah Chakraborty Health Science Isolation and Identification of genes involved in the biosynthesis and transport of Vicibactin, a hydroxamate siderophore produced by Rhizobium leguminosarum ATCC14479
Johnson, Kelly Franklin Anthropology/ Sociology Early Woodland Pottery Production and Chronology at Site 40Wg107, Boone Lake, Washington County, Tennessee
Johnson, McKayla Musich Biochemistry The Repair of UV-Induced DNA damage in normal and prematurely-aging human fibroblast cells
Kelly, Amanda Liu Biology A systematic study of fossil Nyssa endocarps from the Gray Fossil Site and their paleonvironmental implications
Manning, Carly Scheuerman Environ Health Science Occurrence of the Fecal Pathogens E. coli O517:H7 and Salmonella in Relation to Fecal Indicator Concentration Detected in Sinking Creek of the Boone Watershed.
Ragsdale, Lee Brown Psychology An analysis of two different doses of neonatal quinpriole treatment on nicotine conditioned place preference in adolescent rats
Scott, Andrew M. Smith Art and Design Defining the Tree Streets, Johnson City, TN
Wilder, Jeremy Lee Champney Biochemistry A novel target for aminoglycoside antibiotics on ribosomes of Escherichia coli cells
Woodring, Kim Franklin Anthropology/ Sociology Prehistoric Pottery Analysis for the Tilthammer Shoals Site, Kingsport, Tennessee
Xiong, Mai Ahmad Biology Role of alpha Isolucine 346 and Isolucine alpha 348 in the catalyic site of the E coli ATP synthase
Fall 2009
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Akoury, Tamer Jones, Thomas C. Biology Investigation of the effects of biogenic amines on aggression in a social spider
Brown, Christine Ha, Tuanzhu Surgery PI3/Akt Activation through TLR2 Ligand Pam3CSK4 Administration
Brown, Kelly Blackhart, Ginni Psychology The adequacey of manipulation checks following deciption
Carter, Sara Dotterweich, Andy R. Kinesiology Investigation of Off Highway Vehicle Users' Awareness, Knowledge, and Practices with Regards to Riding Safety and Ethical Use Guidelines
Cox, Tanya Sell, Kim Adult Nursing Retention of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Skills and Knowledge Among Registered Nurses
Deshmukh, Aneel Young, David G. J. Chemistry Transition metal mediated cycloadditions with election rich dipolarophiles
Hauser, Chris Jones, Thomas C. Biology Preditor and prey? Exploring daily cycles of aggression-levels in spiders
Johnson, McKayla Musich, Phillip Biochemsitry The Effect of Flavone on DNA Repair in E.coli
Klimecki, Haley Johnson, David Biochemsitry Expression of Human Neutrophil Elastase in K. lactis
Lunsford, Jamie Smith, Mike Art and Design On Technology
McKeehan, Taylor & Whaley, Kimberly Stoots, Mike Public and Allied health MedlinePlus Project
Mehraban, Nahid Musich, Phillip Biochemsitry Characterization of DNA damage and repair in progeria (premature aging) cells
Mullins, Jordan Webb, Jon P.T and Psychology The effect of Using the Threshold IMT Inspiratory Muscle Trainer and Pranayama Breathing Exercises on Respiratory Muscle Strength, Health Attiudes and Practices
Oerly, Matt Graves, Travis Art and Design Study in weight and suspension on and outdoor area, overtime
Patel, Puneet Jiang, Yu Lin Chemistry Synthesis of Chiral Resveratrol Derivaives
Patel, Yutika Kumar, Dhirendra Biology Cloning and Characteriation of Potato homolog of SA-methyl esterase and its role in plant disease resistance
Provchy, Kristan Forsman, Allen Health Science Localization of mRNA Encoding for Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in Hamster Ovaries
Runciman, Andrew Karsai, Istvan Biology Modeling predation and complex collaboration in wasp societies
Sachan, Nitin Ahmad, Zulfiqar Biology Role of alpha-subunit VISIT-DG sequence residue Asp-350 in catalytic sites of E. coli ATP sythase
Shao, Linlin McGarry, Theresa English Nushu Autobiography / Grievance Songs
Yang, Chenxi Sun, Peng Chemistry Studies of Change transfer in very small volume
Zink, Landon Zou, You Biochemistry Characterization of Interaction of Replication Protein A and p53
Summer 2009 - Research Fellowships
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Lutze, Erich Ordway Pharmacology Depression and the Regulation of Bone Morphogenetic Bone Protein 7 (BMP&) and other Growth Factors
Runciman, Andrew Karsai Biology The Effectiveness of the Common Stomach in the Regulation of Behavior of the Swarm
Spring 2009
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Burham, Taylor Gao Geosciences Develop High Precision Time Series of IsotopicRecords on Speleothem Samples from Morril's Cave, Eastern Tennessee
Hawkins, Kristen
Adams, Rachael
McCord, Meaghan
Yoon, Jake
Levy Honors Exhibit for Mt. Mitchell Museum
Hobbs, Heather Broderick HDAL Family Night: A curriculum event designed to help families discover how their children learn
Hughes, Benjamin Brown Psychology The effects of Ritalin on brain-derived neurotrophic factor in adolescent brain
Johns, Seth Smith Art & Design Life on the Watauga, A Photographic Study of Culture within the Watauga River Watershed
Johnson, McKayla Musich Biochemistry The Protection of Flavonoids against UV-B damage
Morris, Brent Trainor Economics & Finance General Analysis of Leveraged ETFs
Pearson, Brett McIntosh Biology Analysis of Putative Secondary Product Blucosyltransferase Clone PGT 5/6 from Grapefruit Leaves
Sachan, Saurabh Ahmad Biology Structural and thermodynamic Studies Unfolded States of E. coli ATP synthase
Sluder, Tammy Brown Psychology Amkphetamine Conditioned Place Preference in Adolescent Female Rats
Svalina, Suncica Webb Psychology Forgiveness and Health Among Patients Seeking Physical Therapy Treatment
Thompson, Kenny Vertein Nursing Do men have what it takes to be a nurse?
Townsend, Evan Murray Art & Design Yosemite
Trotter, Whitney Stewart Biology The Influence of Eggshell Calcium Removal on the Skeletal Development of Corn Snakes
Fall 2008
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Brady, Rachel Ghaffari Adult Nursing What comprises a good student: A comparison of faculty and student perceptions
Cole, Lauren Davis Kinesiology Assessing the effects of adventure education on sixth grader's academic performance
Elrod, Jesse Kady Chemistry Evaluation of Polyphenois as ATP symthase Inhibitors
Guo, Jing Sun Chemistry Single molecule detection based on electrochemical methods
Javer, Avai Jiang Chemistry Synthesis of slenium containing resveratol compounds
Johnson, Jennifer Marks HDAL Effects of assistive technology handwriting tools
Kauffeld, Valerie Franklin Soc. & Anthropology Analysis of human skeletal remains from the Eastman Rockshelter
Li, Wenzong Kumar Biology Role of serine and glycine in the catalytic site of E. coli ATP synthase
Liu, Meng Kumar Biology Identification and characterization of interacting proteins of salicylic acid binding protein 2 using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis
Martin, Benjamin Dula Psychology Can you hear me now?: The effects of mood and cell phone use on driving behaviors
Morgan, Emily Niederberger Music Composition and performance of original choral work Psalm 118: Steadfast Love
Patel, Arpit Jiang Chemistry Synthesis of chrial pro-drugs of quinone methide for prevention and treatment of human prostate cancer
Reagan, James Kirkby Chemistry Time-dependent density functional theory calculations of anthracene drivatives for inclusion in organic light emitting diodes
Roberts, Simon Maier Environ. Health Quantifying estrogen levels in Limestone Creek by GC/MS analysis
Runciman, Andrew Karsai Biology Self-organization mechanisms in solcial systems
Summer 2008 - Research Fellowships
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Chamness, Reese Murray Art & Design Innovative Methods of Sculpting, Mold-making, and Casting Bronze
Snyder, Jennifer Cantrell Psychology Primary Care Practitioners Perceptions of Mental Health Needs, Barrier, and Integrated Behavior Health Care
Spring 2008
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Adkins, Elizabeth Paluzzi Math; Music In Search of a Harmonic Connection between Academia and the Arts
Brudecki, Laura Ahmad Biology Characterization of catalytic site residues of E. coli ATP synthase
Hotz, Tazly Kumar Biology Role of tobacco SA-methyl transferase in plant-mediated defense
King, Bill Jiang Chemistry Synthesis of water soluble D and L lysinates of gamma tocopherol
LaRue, Tyronne Murray Art Sculptural research project
Maxwell, Meridith Champney Biochemistry Identification of pathogen induced SABP2-interacting proteins by affinity chromatography
Patel, Kajal Kumar Biology Antibiotic stimulation of 16S rRNA turnover in E. coli cells
Pierce, Andrew & Gartseff, Alexandra Zavada Biology Acetolysis of Magnolids
Pourmorteza, Mehdi Laughlin Biology The Incidence and Prevalence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in temporary wetland population of Ambystoma maculatum in the Holston River 
Ross, Ian Young Chemistry Palladium catalyzed nitrile oxide cycloaddition
Sasscer, Sara Fox Human Development & Learning Elementary school teachers’ uses and perceptions of cooperative learning
Waddell, Joel Laughlin Biology Incidence and prevalence of ranavirus in temporary wetland populations of Ambystoma maculatum in the Holston River Valley
Williams, Edward Young Chemistry Trimethylstannyl carbonitrile oxide
Windham, Amy Chakraborty Health Science The detection of possible outer membrane receptor, ‘FepA’, protein from Rhizobium leguminosarum strain IARI 312
Fall 2007
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Asiago, Joseph McIntosh, Celia Biology Construction and Functional Analysis of Chimeric Proteins from Putative Flavonoid Glucosyltransferase Clones from Grapefruit
Bow, Sierra Franklin Sociology & Anthropology Thermoluminescence Dating in Surface Contexts in the Rock Shelters of the Upper Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee
Campbell, Patricia McIntosh, Celia Biology Isolation of a Full-Length Cone of Grapefruit 181-1D, a Putative Flavonoid Glucosyltransferase with a High Degree of Homology to PGT5
Cross, Ashley Nelson/Laughlin Biology Mitochondrial DNA sequence analysis of Pholidichthys leucotaenia (Pholidichthyidae
Deliz,Rachael Lancaster, Terry Health Sciences A Comparative Study of the Hands of Two Subfossil Lemur Species
Ganger, Milan Lancaster, Terry Health Sciences Odd Bear Out
Hunt, Janice Nelson/Laughlin Biology Molecular Phylogeny of the Pholidichthys leucotaenia Inferred by Mitochondrial DNA Sequences
Keith, Rachael Young Chemistry The Allene Intramolecular Nitrile Oxide Cycloaddition
Higgins, Amy Fox Human Development & Learning Preschool and Early Elementary Teacher Perceptions of Critical Learning and Social Skills
King, Leslie Hillhouse Public Health Indoor Tanning: Self-Presentation among High School Females
Lehmann, Julia Brown Psychology The role of alpha7 and alpha4/beta2 nicotinic receptors in adolescent nicotine sensitization
Lingerfelt, Kellye Clements Psychology Assessment of Stress in Adolescent and Adult Pregnant Women
Reynolds, Ada Chakraborty Health Sciences Detection and analysis of iron acquisition systems in clinical and environmental isolates of Staphylococcus aureus
Taylor, Kayla Wachs Adult Nursing Effects of Cherries on Arthritis Pain
Whitley, Ashleigh Kirkby Chemistry Ab Initio Quantum Chemistry Calculations of Candidate Molecules for Inclusion Organic Light Emitting Diodes
Whittemore, Jamie Brown, Russ Psychology Nicotine sensitization in adult mice D2-primed as neonates
Summer 2007 - Research Fellowships
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Burnham, Taylor Whitelaw, Mick Physics, Astronomy, & Geology Geologic analysis of the Biluut Petroglyph Complex, Altai Mountains, Mongolia
Hill, William Whitelaw, Mick Physics, Astronomy, & Geology Geologic analysis of exotic statues, rock wheels and burial mounds associated with the Biluut Petroglyph Complex, Altai Mountains, Mongolia
Ledbetter, Megan Smith, Mike Art & Design Reeltown: A photographic exploration of a rural Alabama town
Spring 2007
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Cooke, Graham Liu, Chris Biology Studies on the fossil needles of Pinus from the Gray Fossil site in northeast Tennessee and their paleoclimatic implications
Florence, Erin Smith, Mike Art Gender described
Gray, Sharon Ignace, Rico Physics, Astronomy, & Geology Probing the circumstellar disk of b Lyr
Hughes, Andy Brown, Russ Psychology Methylphenidate administration to adolescent D2-primed rats: Sex differences and potentiation of nicotine action
Hyder, Andrew Franklin, Jay Sociology & Anthropology A stone tool based prehistoric culture chronology for the Upper Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee
Kennedy, Jason Chen, Ke Econ, Bus, Geography Using geographic information systems to identify potential pharmacy students applicants to ETSU
Khambaty, Maleka Karsai & Kampis Biology Coexistence dynamics in spatially heterogeneous predator prey systems under various propagation constraints
Lamale, Bassam Yu-Lin Jiang Chemistry Synthesis and characterization of DNA base receptors, and molecular recognition
McAnally, Ashley Yampolsky, Lev Biology Gene expression regulation at transcription level: genomic analysis using Drosophila deficiency lines
Mitchell, Justin Stewart, Jim Biology The placental histology of the New Zealand scincid lizard, Oligosoma nigriplantare
Pruitt, Jessica Jones, TJ Biology Habitat selection in the spider Anelosimus studiosus
Sherburne, Michael Jones, TJ Biology Quantifying ecological and geographic correlates with the distribution and social structure of the spider Anelosimus studiosus
Sircy, Alex Schrift, Melissa Sociology & Anthropology Melungeons and the medical construction of identity
Wentworth, Sierra Franklin, Jay Sociology & Anthropology Thermoluminescence dating of prehistoric pottery from rock shelters of the Upper Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee
Fall 2006
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Bannister, Jennifer Jones, TJ Biology Quantification of the winter microenvironment of social spider colonies, and its corresponding effects on survival
Bowery, Amanda Webb, Jon Psychology Effects of forgiveness education on health and relationship quality
Cantrell, Thomas Holland, Mark English The translation and history of Ozaki Hosai
Cross, Patricia Ecay, Tom Physiology Characterization of TRPV5 and TRPV6 calcium epithelial channels in squamate reptiles
Hammett, Michele Franklin, Jay Sociology & Anthropology Archaeology of the Nelson Site: Toward a more complete prehistoric culture history of upper east Tennessee
Hendrickson, James (Will) Young, David Chemistry Novel synthesis of cyclophanes through a functionalized cycopropane
Hughes, Andrew Brown, Russ Psychology Effects of methyphenidate (Ritalin) with nicotine in D2 receptor-primed rats
Javer, Ashish Young, David Chemistry Interception of Ruthenium intermediate in metathesis reactions
Noel, Daniel Brown, Russ Psychology Effects of nicotine sensitization in beta arrestin-2 knockout mice
Perry, Lindsey Webb, Melissa Adult Nursing Relationship between hormone replacement therapy and exercise electrocardiogram: A retrospective study
Renfro, Ashley Lampson, Bert Health Sciences Production of siderophore by the soil bacterium Rhodococcus erythropolis
Sheth, Poonan Kumar, Dhirendra Biology Regulation of SABP@, a receptor for Systemic Acquired Resistance in plants by defense signals, e.g. methyl salicylate, salicylic acid, jamonic acid, ethylene and nitric oxide
Spaulding, Colin Harrison, Terry Anatomy & Cell Biology Taste cell turnover in p21-deficient mice
Weber, Nathan Jones, TJ Biology Using microsatellite DNA markers to explore intra-colonial relatedness in a social spider
Wood, Michele Lancaster, Terry Health Sciences Evaluation of patterns and processes in stature estimation
Summer 2006 - Research Fellowships
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Langston, Lucinda Franklin, Jay Sociology & Anthropology Prehistoric Pottery Production and Culture Chronology in Upper East Tennessee
Longacre, Ian Brown, Russ Psychology D2 Receptor Mediation of Nicotine Sensitization in D2-primed Adolescent Rats
Spring 2006
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Boarman, Bill Walker, Elaine Internal Medicine Using DNA-based molecular data to detect and quantify patient-to-patient transmission of Pseudomonas
Epling, Leslie McIntosh, Celia Biology Heterologous expression and biochemical characterization of a putative flavonoid GT clone from grapefruit leaves
Gustafson, Mark Stewart, Jim/Ecay, Tom Biology/Physiology Ca2+ ATPase expression in the chorioallantoic membrane of the corn snake, Pantherophis guttatus
Lazenka, Matt Brown, Russ Psychology A comparison of gender differences in adolescents and adults tested in the virtual Morris water maze
Nguyen, Chau Young, David Chemistry Studies toward synthesis of Hyperevolutin A
Phillips, Tiffany Smith, Mike Art Nature photography reinvented
Price, Elizabeth Franklin, Jay Sociology & Anthropology Population demographics in the Holston Valley during the late Prehistoric period
Rutledge, Ethan Kirkby, Scott Chemistry Ab initio quantum chemistry calculations of candidate molecules for inclusion in organic light emitting diodes
Thrasher, Kevin Smith, Mike Art Photographs of Gap Creek
Fall 2005
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Abel, Hannah Brown, Russ Psychology A test of stress effects in rats neonatally treated with quinpirole
Adams, Erica Lloyd, Tess English Appalachian teaching project brochure
Benfield, Natasha Ellwanger, Steven Criminal Justice Love language, storytelling, and reinforcement models of intervention as a rehabilitative methodology for at-risk families
Cooper, Elizabeth Brown, Russ Psychology Early nicotine exposure effects on conditioned place preference in D2-primed rats
Gibson, Robyn  Gregg, Chris Physics Tsunami warnings: Understanding in the high hazard area of Hanalei, Kauai, Hawai
Hollowell, Kristina Clements, Andrea Psychology Comparative study between the United States and the Netherlands of the alcohol consumption of 18-20 year old college students
Lamb, Daniel Knisley, Debra Math Graph theoretic analysis of glycosyltansferases and the identification of flavonoid interaction
Longacre, Hannah Shields, Alan Psychology Evaluating measurement strategies and response styles to questions about indoor UV tanning
Longacre, Ian Hillhouse, Joel Psychology Indoor UV tanning addiction in undergraduate students
Mehta, Neal Williams, David Surgery Augmentation of TLR9 responses by glucan phosphate
Philips, Mike Karsai, Steve/Knisley, Jeff Bio/Math Modeling division of labor
Shafer, Samuel Hemphill, Bill/Eason, Martin Technology/COM Development of a production mold assembly for a lumbar punch procedures clinical trainer
Ward, Christine Merrimon, Carolyn Nursing Addressing childhood obesity
White, Ted Wu, Tiejian Public Health Peer influence on eating behaviors and physical activities among teens
Wynn, T Brewster, Karen Comm/Theater Makeup design competition/presentation at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival XXXVIII, Region IV
Zakaria, Mohammed Kirby, Scott Chemistry Ab initio molecular orbital calculations of electron donor/acceptor substituted cyclobutadiene
2004 - 2005
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Bruner, Chris Brown, Russell Psychology Nicotine conditioned place preference in adolescent D2 receptor-primed rats.
Carroll, Quinton Seymour, Rosalee Professional Roles & Mental Health Nursing A qualitative exploration of the effects of experiencing and coping with musculoskeletal pain in the workplace for registered nurses
Eller, Misty Mustain, Eric Health Sciences Examining phagocytosis in isolated populations of red swamp crayfish hemocytes by fluorescent microscopy
Falcone, Joseph Musich, Phillip Biochemistry & Molecular A mechanistic analysis of flavone's cellular protection of DNA against UV-induced damage
Ferguson, Daniel Silver, Ken Environmental Health Source reduction practices in Appalachia: trends and opportunities
Gardner, James Godbole, Anant Mathematics Pebbling random graphs and palindromes in genetic sequences
Giblock, Paul Pfeiffer, Phil Computer & Information Science Using flat panes as an alternative to monitors
Hinton, Melissa Carder McCook, Judy Family & Community Nursing Project prevent preemies
McMillan, Judy Ralston, Elizabeth Curriculum & Instruction Suicide prevention and awareness
Mullins, Amanda Chi, David Internal Medicine Effects of catecholamines on pro-atherogenic chemokine production from mast cells
Parks, Amanda McDowell, Tim Biological Sciences An investigation of pollen morphology in the genus morinda
Phillips, Vickie McCallister, Leslie Sociology/Anthropology The silent minority: A look at the non-traditional student at ETSU
Rosel, Georgeanna Joplin, Karl Biological Sciences Characterization of genes differentially regulated in sarcophaga crassipalpis using neural net and microarray analysis
Saylor, Ben Kirkby, Scott Chemistry Ab initio quantum chemistry calculations of cyclobutadiene and dimethyl substituted analogues
2003 - 2004
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Bullock, Ted Stead, Ed Management & Marketing Developing the ideal business plan and marketing strategy
Carder, Melissa McCook, Judy Family & Community Nursing Project prevent preemies
Catron, Rebecca Lloyd, Theresa English Pressmen’s Home, Tennessee: The evolution of a union
Dillard, Ian Tarnoff, David L. Computer & Information Science Development of a bluetooth stack for PICmicro architecture
Falcone, Joseph Musich, Phillip R. Biochemistry & Molecular UV damage to DNA and protection by flavonoids
Gardner, James Tarnoff, David Computer & Information Science Development of a linux-specific BIOS for cluster computing
Gardner, James Pfeiffer, Phil Computer & Information Science ETSU-ORNL OSCAR Project
Glass, Alisha M. Pike, Lee M. Biological Sciences Isolation, amplification, and analysis of a putative glycosyltransferase genomic DNA clone from grapefruit (citrus paradisi)
Hancock, Kari Schetzina, Karen E. Pediatrics A descriptive study of breastfeeding rates, determinates, and resources among disadvantaged, rural-residing patients attending a pediatric residency-based primary care clinic
Johnston, Elizabeth White, Deborah Community Engagement A model for infrastructure in higher education service and leadership programs in TN
Lott, Jessica McCook, Judy Family & Community Nursing Depression in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Mongold, Jennifer Holleran, David Criminal Justice Students’ knowledge of fourth amendment rights
O’Conner, Meghan Slatton, Ralf Art & Design Linocut relief portraiture
Ray, William W. Jang, Mian Management & Marketing Controlled release of DNA molecules based on tailored polymer matrix
Sesler, Rosie Murray, Catherine Art & Design Congruent fabrications
Sewell, Robert S. Smith, Mike Art & Design Appalachian roadside memorials
Smith, Katherine Brown, Russell W. Psychology Nicotine sensitization in a rodent model of schizophrenia
Vencill, Jessica R. Johnson, David A. Biochemistry & Molecular The purification and isolation of recombinant human chymase
Whitaker, Johnathan Whitaker, Jack Internal Medicine Platelet function analysis in healthy subjects Administered clopidogrel (Plavix) and aspirin
Young, Kate Dyer, Susan English Honors student handbook
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Byrd, Wendy Burnham, J.P. Social Work Hispanic oral history collection
Carico, Ron lee Wardeska, Jeffrey Chemistry Synthesis of iron (II)-Fe(III)
Dugger-Lynch, Angelique Murray, Catherine Art & Design Bronze patination
Herron, Barbara DeAngelis, Anita Art & Design Metalpoint drawings
Johnson, Joseph Godbole, Anant Mathematics Domination number of random graphs
LaFluer, Lea Marx, David Psychology Degree of acceptability of people
McVay, Derek Moorman, Jonathan Internal Medicine The role of hepatitis C core protein viral sequence heterogeneity in chronic infection
Penley, Maranda Shemwell, Donald Management & Marketing The propensity to outshop
Rajappa, Prajwal Harrison, Theresa Anatomy & Cell Biology Projection targets of posterior tongue taste neurons
Taylor, Jonathan Shafer, Melissa Communication/Theatre Barbizon design competition
Williams-Cordeiro, Penny Gillespie, Wayne Criminal Justice The ethical interpretation of women's death row experiences
2001 - 2002
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Cloyd, Daniel Musich, Phillip R. Biochemistry & Molecular Extended sequence analysis of variant ribosomal RNA genes in the human parasite trichomonas virginals
Feleke, Babisake Kasmai, Hamid S. Chemistry Synthesis of a photoreactive prenylcysteine derivative
Love, M. Harland Seymour,Rosalee J. Nursing An interdisciplinary descriptive correlative study of back pain in adult college students using backpacks improperly
Stump, Jacob L. Chen,Weixing Political Science Shaky relations: Chinese perceptions of the US in the post cold war era
Wilson, Shannon Kyle, Maryann Music 19th Century Bel Canto vocal technique and its application
Zimmer, Gabe Godbole, Anant Mathematics Random graphic sequences
2000 - 2001
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Downes, Andrew McIntosh, Cecilia Biological Sciences Sequence determination of flavanone 3-hydroxylase and 7-0-glucosyltransferase in citrus paradisi
Handley, Misty Hoover, Donald B. Pharmacology Presence and function of proadrenomedullin-derived peptides in the heart
Molla, Annie Herrin, Roberta English Authors Roundtable, Appalachian Studies Conference
Perry, Chris Harvey, Michael Biological Sciences Phylogenetic analysis of lizards of the Tropidurus group and evaluation of musculature as a new source of characters
Rice, Rachel Levy, Foster Biological Sciences Community-acquired antibiotic resistance
Webb, Gennell Prather, Larry J. Economics & Finance Window dressing, data mining, or data errors: a re-examination of the Dogs of the Dow theory
Whaley, Sarah Williams, David Surgery Glucans exhibit weak antioxidant activity, but stimulate macrophage free radical activity
Zakharova, Maria Laffan, John Microbiology Immunohistochemical analysis and characterization of direct receptor-mediates activation of mouse pituitary cells by PAMPS
1999 - 2000
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Elliott, Kristen Hillhouse, Joel Psychology Comparison of two appearance-related interventions for the reduction of tanning in high school students
Houchins, Rachel LaFollette, Hugh Philosophy A feminist critique of feminist philosophy
Jones, Miranda Whitson, Marian Criminal Justice Learned helplessness on domestic abuse
Jones, Richard J. /Shannon L. Marx, David Psychology Workers ideas and concepts of workplace violence vs. students ideas and concepts
Khanna, Ritu Pike, Lee M. Biological Sciences Phylogenetic analysis of the psbA gene sequence in major lineages of ferns and fern allies
LaVoie, Scott Gardner, Bob Mathematics A 4-cycle covering of the complete graph with a hole
Rewa, Paula Headley, Tom Communication Young lesbians in Johnson City: A documentary
1998 - 1999
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Aiken, Ashley Panton, Lynn Physical Education & Recreation The effects of resistance training with and without androstendione supplementation on bone turnover and density
Bauer, Stephanie Day, Ronnie History Proposal for the establishment of a leadership house on the campus of East Tennessee State University
Dutro, Rodney Smith, Mike Art & Design Color photography with a hand-craft camera
Feltes, Lisa M. Williams, Lynn Communicative Disorders Examination of the multiple opposition approach to phonological intervention with children with severe speech disorders
Hilton, John W. Slatton, Ralph Art & Design Aluminum plate lithography
Jenkins, Timothy Moore, Darrell Biological Sciences Spatial patterns of locomotor activity in flesh flies
Viswanathan, Ramya Davidson Chemistry Synthesis of silicone-based chiral polymeric surfactants
Whitcher, Margaret V. Obiso, Richard Health Sciences Detection and characterization of enterotoxigenic bacteroides fragilis strains in intestinal and extraintestinal infections

Research Abroad Past Grant Awards

Summer 2011
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Champoulillon, Luke Kortum Sociology & Anthropology Varieties of sacred deer imagery
Shelton, Jessee Duckworth Philosophy Buddha-nature and emptiness among the Geluk, Nyingma, and Jonang Schools of Tibetan Buddhism
Willis, Brittany Koterbay Art & Design A Study of Regional & International Variations in Art Education Strategies
Fall 2008
Davenport, Kathy Gregg Geosciences Development of an integrated model of risks from natural hazards: A case study of volcanic and seismic hazards at Vulcano Island, Italy
Spring 2008
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Reynolds, Joseph Smith Art Teaching Cristalandia: A photographic study of elementary school teachers in a rural Brazilian town
Spring 2007
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
McInerney, Patrick Smith, Mike Art & Design Scottish
Stephanos, William Dyer, Wayne (Koterbay) Art & Design ETSU-China bilateral exchange: 2HD films
Fall 2006
Student Faculty Mentor Department Project Name
Cantrell, Thomas Holland, Mark English The translation and history of Ozaki Hosai
Thompson, Carla Tazuka, Junko Foreign Languages Setsuban

Student Travel Grants to Professional Conferences Past Awards

2011-12 Student Travel Grants
Student Faculty Mentor Department Conference Location
Angel, Jordan Price Mathematics 2012 Joint Mathematics Meeting Boston, MA
Carroll, Vincent Dalton Psychology Collaborative Family Healthcare Association Philadelphia, PA
Craig, Ellen Nandi Geosciences American Geology Society Conference Minneapolis, MN
Deering, Jessie Godbole Mathematics 2012 Joint Mathematics Meeting Boston, MA
Dinkins, Zach Nandi Geosciences Geological Society of America Conference Asheville, NC
Hutsell, David Williams Psychology American Psychological Association Washington, DC
Hutsell, David Williams Psychology Psychological Study of Social Issues Charlotte, NC
Jamieson, William Godbole Mathematics 2012 Joint Mathematics Meeting Boston, MA
Malone, Taylor Allen Philosophy Appalachian Philosophy Conference Johnson City, TN
Morrissey, Julie Hirsh Psychology Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference Kennesaw, GA
Mumpower, Danielle; Tarleton, Everett Harker Communication American College Dance Festival Albany, GA
Phillips, Dustin Webb Psychology American Psychological Association Conference Columbia, MD
Arwood, Savannah; Cate, William; Cooley, Brock; Mumpower, Danielle; Tarlton, Everett Harker Communication Southeastern Theatre Conference Chattanooga, TN
Stoss, Yasim Dula Psychology Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference Kennesaw, GA
Takenaka, Tei Chambers HDAL Council for Exceptional Children Denver, CO
Tucciarone, Joseph Dixon Psychology International Conference of Infant Studies Minneapolis, MN
2010-11 Student Travel Grants
Student Faculty Mentor Department Conference Location
Armstrong, Julianne Sellers Psychology Neuroscience San Diego, CA
Conde, Rachael Nandi Geosciences Association of Environmental & Engineering Charleston, SC
Mesa-Guierra, Stephanie Sellers Psychology Neuroscience San Diego, CA
10 students: Adam Lambert, Jonathan Calloway , James Logan Jackson, Mary Ellen Rutemeyer, Matthew Huffines, Emily Roberts, Rebekah Altizer, Jason Newland, Chris Hopps McDonald, Ethan Street Allen Philosophy Spirituality, Art & Social Justice Conference Elkins, WV
4 students:  Wesley Ramey, Benjamin Gibson, Jesse Thomas, Ryne Druery Dula Psychology TN Psychology Association Nashville, TN
Powell, Joe Levy Biology TN Academy of Science  
Stinnett, Haley Stewart Biology Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology Salt Lake City, UT
7 students:  Samuel Floyd, Joshua Holley, Garryn Howard, Leslie Hughes, Danielle Mumpower, Camielle Reed, Ashton Robinson Harker Communications / Dance American College Dance Festival Tallahassee, FL
Hawkes, Candace Blackhart Psychology SSSP Convention Charleston, SC
11 students: Shannon Brown, Jody Bryant, Elizabeth Clark, Joey Cooter, Anna Friend, Kevin Leonard, Laura Meade, Timothy Moody, Kristen Surles, Sara Warfield, Grayson Wright Schrift Anthropology Southern Anthropological Society Richmond, VA
Marshall, Stephen Kinser Communication National Student Advertising Competition Baton Rouge, LA
Carroll, Rhonda Bartoszuk HDAL Society for Research on Identity Formation Daytona Beach, FL
Brown, Kelly; Clark, Travis Blackhart Psychology Society for Personality San Antonio, TX
Keane, Shae; Ahmad, Iqra Crumley Political Science Harvard World UN Conference Singapore
Harrell, Caleb Ferslew Pharmacology American Academy of Forensic Sciences Chicago, IL
Shultzs Scott; Jakcson, Heather; Steffey, Susan Dula Psychology Mid-South Psychology Conference Memphis, TN
Flanery, Alicia Dalton Psychology Society for Behavioral Medicine Washington, DC
Phillips, Dustin; Hill, Sarah Webb Psychology Religion & Spirituality Conference Columbia, MD
Blevins, Kaitlin; Culbertson, Christie Chambers Special Education Council for Exceptional Children National Habor, MD
Buchanan, Andrew; Lewis, Tiffany Sellers Psychology Association for Psychological Science Washington, DC
Rowe, Catherine Hirsch Psychology Association for Psychological Science Washington, DC
Rai, Michelle Lakey Psychology Association for Psychological Science Washington, DC
Manning, Carly Scheurerman Environmental Health American Society for Microbiology New Orleans, LA
2009-2010 Student Travel Grants
Student Faculty Mentor Department Conference Location
5 students (Langley-Earhart, Stephanie; Maks, Lori Ann; Church-Hearl, Kelly; Church-Hearl; Jeffrey; Dillie, Meghan) Kinser Women's Studies Natl WS Associ Atlanta, GA
Taylor, Desta; Taylor, Jamie Willaims Psychology Amer. Psyc. Assoic Toronto, CAN
 Burnham, Taylor; Conde, Rachael Gao Geosciences Geological Soc Amer Portland, OR
Hauser, Chris Sellers Psychology Neuroscience2009 Chicago, IL
7 students (Bagget, Jacob; Deshmukh, Aneel; Graves, Victoria; Hudgens, Elizabeth; Huffines, Matthew; Schultz, Joseph; Street, Ethan; Stoglin, Kristen) Gold, Allen Philosophy Spitiuality and Peace Davis and Elkin, WV
10 students (West, Eleana; Taylor, Desta; Siddell, Kayla; Thomas, Jesse; Ramey, Wesley; Byington, Rachael; Dobson, Ashley; Gibson, Ben; Rollins, Jarred; Martin, Benjamin) Dula Psychology TN Psychology Association Nashville, TN
Dennison, Meagan Franklin Anthropology SE Archaeology Conf. Mobile, AL
3 students (Davidson, Anna; Hill, James; Mullins, Jordan) Webb Psychology TN Psychology Association Nashville, TN
Cirone, Brianne Polaha Psychology TN Psychology Association Nashville, TN
Brewer, Matt Weiss English Compariative Drama Los Angeles, CA
Owens, Amber Cajka Women's Studies SE Womens Studies Columbia, SC
Brown, Kelly Blackhart Psychology SE Psychology Assocation Chattanooga, TN
5 students (Taylor, Desta; Siddell, Kayla; Gibson, Benjamin; Dickson, Ashley; Bell, Rose) Dula Psychology Mid-South Psych Conf Memphis, TN
Conde, Rachael Nandi Geosciences GSA Baltimore, MD
Davidson, Anna; Mullins, Jordan; Phillips, Timothy Webb Psychology Spirituality and Religion Columbia, MD
McCloud, Andrea Chambers HDAL Council for Except. Child. Nashville, TN
Thomas, Jesse Dula Psychology NCUR Missoula, MT
Lambert, Adam Hiortdahl English John Garner Batavia, NY
4 students (Taylor, Desta; Hyatt, Kevin; Tedder, Jamie; Chandler, Sheri) Williams Psychology Study of Social Issues New Orleans, LA
Dick, Kenneth Yampolsky Biology Evolution Portland, OR
2008-2009 Student Travel Grants
Student Faculty Mentor Department Conference Location
Hotz, Tazley Kumar Biology Plant Biologist Mexico
Brewer, Matt Weiss English Modern Language Loiusville
Runciman, Andrew Karsai Biology/Comp Sci MATHMOD Vienna, Austria
Carver, Chris Luttermoser Physics Memphis Biomed Imaging Memphis, TN
5 students: Martin, Ben; Audrey Watkins; Jessica Williamson; Ashley Dickson; Kevin Fox Dula Psychology TN Psychology Conf. Nashville, TN
5 students; Owens, Mitch; Brunson, Nicole; Luther, Ben; Roberts, Emily; White, Lindsey Allen Philosophy Globalization, Freedom, Sovereignty Elkins, WV
Hughes, Ben Brown Pyschology Soc for Neuroscience Washington, DC
Lehmann, Julia Brown Psychology Soc for Neuroscience Washington, DC
Linville, Brent Stewart Biology/Physiology Soc Integrat & Comp Biol Boston, MA
White, Lindsey Allen/Gold Philosophy Int. Phil Conf Kokata, India
Price, C. Scott Ignace Physics Am. Astro. Soc Long Beach, CA
Harrell, Caleb Ferslew Toxicology Am Acad Forensic Sci Denver, CO
Daniels, Christopher Schborg Micribiology Oklahoma State U. Res Symp Stillwater, OK
Owens, Amber; Brewer, Matt Zimmerman Honors/Womens Stud TN Coll Honors Austin Peay
Carver, Chris Reddick (St Jude's) Physics Intl Soc Mag Res in Med Oahu, HI
Yasin, Meira Baharestani Nursing Midwest Busn Admin Asc Chicago, IL
5 students: Everhardt, Jackie; Harris, Elizabeth; Rockney, Alissa; Wilson, Nathaniel; Yearwood, Cassie Beeler Math SE Intl Conf on Combin, Graph, Computing Boca Raton, FL
Roberts, Emily Gold/Allen Philosophy ETSU Philo Coll. Millennium
Lusk, Laura Levy Biology High Elev S. App forests Snowshow, WV
Collier, Sarah; Tester, Amanda Chambers HDAL Council for Exceptional Children Seattle, WA
Hatch-Draper, Kelly Buerkle Communications Southern States Communication, Honors Conf Norfolk, VA
Martin, Benjamin; Taylor, Desta; Williamson, Jessica Dula Psychology Virginia Pschol Assoc Willansburg, VA
2007-2008 Student Travel Grants
Student Faculty Mentor Department Conference Location
12 students: Spaulding, Colin; Courtney Garland; Michele Hammett; Shana Hartman; Ashish Javer; Maleka Khambaty; Marie Porterfield; Jennifer Snyder; Kathleen Cronin; Kacie Rowell; Meira Yasin; Matt Brewer Rice 11 depts:
History (2);
Biology (2);
Psychology; Sociology/Women's Studies;
English (2)
Conference on Pop Culture of South Savannah, GA
Hammtt, Michele Franklin Sociology & Anthropology PCAS Jacksonville, FL
Wentworth-Bow, Sierra Franklin Sociology & Anthropology SE Archaeology Knoxville, TN
Langston, Lucinda Franklin Sociology & Anthropology SE Archaeology Knoxville, TN
Noel, Daniel Brown Psychology Soc. Neuroscience San Diego, CA
Hammett, Michele Franklin Sociology & Anthropology TN Archaeology Nashville, TN
Thacker, Jacqeline Franklin Sociology & Anthropology TN Archaeology Nashville, TN
Lingerfelt, Kellye Clements Psychology Int Conf Infant Stud Vancouver, BC
Lowe, Allison Dixon Psychology Int Conf Infant Stud Vancouver, BC
Khambaty, Maleka Ecay/Stewart Physiology Experimental Biology San Diego, CA
4 students: Hughes, Ben;  Noel, Daniel; Whittemore, Jamie; Lehmann, Julia Brown Psychology SYNAPSE Charleston, SC
Million, Whitney Trainor Economics & Finance Acad Econ & Fin Nashville, TN
6 students: Bechel, Ashley; Harris, Elizabeth; LaBounty-Lay, Britni; Hamilton, Scott; Wooten, Trina Beeler Math SE Intl Conf Combin, Graph Theory and Computing Boca Raton, FL
5 students   Philosophy ETSU Philosophy ETSU
Viers, Amber Allen Philosophy Human Rights Bethany, WV
Brunson, Nicole Gold Philosophy Human Rights Bethany, WV
Hatch, Kelly Buerkle Communications SCOMM Conference Savannah, GA
Owens, Michelle Gold Philosophy Human Rights Bethany, WV
Bales, Alicia Thewke Biochemistry American Heart Assoc Atlanta, GA
Fitzgerald, Aprele Zavada Biology Geology Soc. of Amer. Evansville, IN
King, Leslie Hillhouse Psychology Assoc. Psych. Sci. Chicago, IL
White, Lindsey Gold Philosophy Human Rights Conf. Bethany, WV
2006-2007 Student Travel Grants
Student Faculty Mentor Department Conference Location
Eight students Rice 5 depts: Eng (4); Soc (1); Anthro (1); Biol (1); Music (1); Psych/Phil (1) Conference on Pop Culture of South Savannah, GA
Five students Dula Psychology Am Psych Assoc New Orleans
Langston, Lucinda Franklin Sociology & Anthropology SE Archaeological Little Rock, AR
Price, Elizabeth Franklin Sociology & Anthropology SE Archaeological Little Rock, AR
Harrison, Forest Laughlin Biology TN Herp Soc Martin, TN
McNutt, Dunstan MacAvoy Philosophy So App Under Philo Conf Asheville, NC
Leonard, Kristy Clements Psychology Mid South Ed Res Birmingham, AL
Longacre, Hannah; Longacre, Ian Shields Psychology Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Meeting Chicago, IL
Brooks, Josh; Burnham, Taylor; Crockett, Carrie Gao, Whitelaw, Gregg Geology Geological Society of America Philadelphia, PA
Kitts, Sade; Gott, K.C. Cutspec Communications National Communication Assoc San Antonio, TX
Aldea, Jewel Sawyer English Ohio Shakespeare Conf. Marietta, OH
Libby, Kathleen McGarry English Lavender Linguistic Conf. Washington, DC
McNutt, Dunstan Gold Philosophy Student Philosophy Coll. Louisville, KY
Seven students Kinser Women's Studies WoMeNet Conf TN Tech Univ
Longacre, Hannah Dixon, Wally Psychology Soc Res Chld Devel Boston, MA
Lazenka, Matt Brown, Russ Psychology Southeastern Psychological Association New Orleans, LA
Adams, Erika Kridler, Jamie Family & Consumer Sciences App Stud Conf Maryville, TN
Buckles, Jessica; Pate, Morgan Gao, Yongli Physics, Geology TN Water Res Symp Mont Bell St Pk
Lazenka, Matt Brown, Russ Psychology Midwest Psy Asso Chicago, IL
2005-2006 Student Travel Grants
Student Faculty Mentor Department Conference Location
Abraham, Jennifer; Frances Chumney; Kevin Gilmer; Chris Hobbs; Kris Karako; Ben Martin; Metha Welsh Dula, Chris Psychology Association for Psychological Sciences New York, NY
Acree, Joyce Cutspec, Patricia Communications Southern States Communication Association Dallas, TX
Angela Barlow; Mindy Bunch McCallister, Leslie Sociology Southeastern Undergraduate Sociology Symposium Atlanta, GA
Benfield, Natasha; Chumney, Fran; Collier, Larissa; Hicks, Joshua; Hobbs, Chris; Lamb, Jodie; Longacre, Hannah Dula, Chris Psychology Southeastern Psychological Association Atlanta, GA
Buell, Jessica Gann, Rosalind Curriculum and Instruction American Reading Forum Sanibel, FL
Chumney, Frances Dula, Chris Psychology National Conference on Undergraduate Research Asheville, NC
Chumney, Frances; Hyder, Heather; Hobbs, Chris; Iric, Amber; Lamb, Jodie; Snyder, Jennifer Dula, Chris Psychology Tennessee Psychological Association Nashville, TN
Crockett, Carrie; Nikki Gibson Gao, Yongli Geology Tennessee Water Resources Symposium Montgomery, TN
Estep, Carie Brown, Russ Psychology Society for Neuroscience Washington, DC
Falcone, Joseph; Ryle Chastain; Joel Waddell Laughlin, Tom Biology Tri-beta, Association of Southeastern Biologists Gatlinburg, TN
Gott, KC Cutspec, Patricia Communications Southern States Communication Association Dallas, TX
Loess, Akash Gold, Jeff Philosophy North Georgia Student Philosophy Conference Kennesaw, GA
McNutt, Dunstan Gold, Jeff Philosophy Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference Oneonta, NY
McNutt, Dunstan   History Phi Alpha Theta Nashville, TN
McVey, Melody Rice, Joe Honors 20th Century Conference Columbia, SC
Meadors, Carter Cutspec, Patricia Communications Southern States Communication Association Dallas, TX
Oliver, Jama Gold, Jeff Philosophy Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference Oneonta, NY
Ramsey, Cyndi Gann, Rosalind Curriculum and Instruction American Reading Forum Sanibel, FL
Rosenbalm, Connie Gann, Rosalind Curriculum and Instruction American Reading Forum Sanibel, FL
Wood, Mandy Broderick, Jane Human Development and Learning National Association for the Education of Young Children Washington, DC

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