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Research Discovery
Opportunities for Students

Do you think you MIGHT be interested in research in your field of study, but are unsure about what that really means?  ETSU has a strong commitment to providing undergraduates with quality research experiences during their baccalaureate studies. To support your participation, the Honors College and the Office of Financial Aid have begun a program that can give students an opportunity to DISCOVER what RESEARCH is all about in particular disciplines. By working in close collaboration with faculty, students participate in research activities and professional study that offer students the training and knowledge to become successful in their careers or additional studies.

Research Discovery student-worker positions are assigned to faculty members in academic departments and are available through either the Federal Work Study (FWS) or Academic Performance Scholarship programs. These positions are intended to provide students with an early, more informal exposure to research and research skills appropriate to different fields. Our goal is that, once students understand the research process, they will consider becoming involved in a more formal undergraduate research project through Independent Study or Senior Research Thesis in their area of major or minor.

A Research Discovery position guarantees that a student worker will be working directly with a faculty member in a research environment, exposed to an on-going research project, and receive work assignments that will train or strengthen research skills. Tasks emphasized include (but are not limited to) such things as library research; general organization duties; computer technology; laboratory, field, or artistic support tasks. Students may be required to undergo special training or workshop sessions (included as required job time) to qualify them for particular duties.

Research Discovery provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students in all disciplines to experience academic life as they use research to explore, expand, and understand their chosen field of study.

By participating in an undergraduate Research Discovery student work position you will:

  • DEVELOP a one-on-one mentoring relationship with an ETSU faculty,
  • ENHANCE critical skills in communication, independent thinking, creativity, and problem solving,
  • LEARN how research is accomplished and how it contributes to expanding our fields of knowledge, and
  • PARTICIPATE directly in the University’s mission of scientific discovery, scholarly activity and artistic creation.

(Research Discovery participating departments and faculty sponsor)

Check with the Student Worker database on the ETSU Office of Financial  website or talk with your professor or department chair to find out more about Research Discovery opportunities in your field.



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