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Research Abroad

What types of research can be supported?

Research can be considered any type of activity that adds knowledge through academic study. Research activities can include traditional bench science, library-based studies, survey-based work and creative or performance activities.

The Honors College provides support for undergraduate research abroad through the following services:

  • Student Faculty Collaborative Grants may be used for research conducted abroad in collaboration with either an ETSU faculty mentor or through a cooperative arrangement with an external mentor.  Follow standard application procedures for regular semesters.  Also check out procedures for Summer Fellowship opportunities from the following website:  http://www.etsu.edu/honors/research/students/summer research.asp.
  • Travel Stipend. Students who receive a Student-Faculty Collaborative Grant and who plan to conduct all or part of their research abroad may request a research travel stipend of up to $500. This request may be included at the time of submission of the grant proposal or a request may be submitted after the grant is awarded but before departure to an international destination. 
  • Assistance in Locating a Faculty Mentor. If you have a research project in mind but need a faculty mentor in the host country (or at ETSU), the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities in The Honors College will help you locate and contact an appropriate advisor. Contact the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, Dr. Foster Levy (levyf@etsu.edu or 423-439-6926)
  • Credits for Research. The Honors College can arrange for credits for research activity. These credit hours can be counted toward a degree at ETSU. Credit hours may be taken through a special course within the Honors College or via Independent Study (x4900) or Senior Honors Thesis (x4018) in the home department.

What types of Research/Study Abroad Options are there?

The first steps towards researching abroad are to:

  1. determine the research project area and/or an ETSU faculty mentor to assist in developing the project and determining possible international host institutions;
  2. secure a placement at the overseas institution (keep reading below..).

ETSU students can obtain research placements and arrange for exchanges under a number of options:

  • ISEP (www.isep.org) Reciprocal placements are very competitive but the program offers many advantages, such as: second language is not a requirement for many sites, program costs are paid at ETSU and financial aid can be used to cover costs.
  • ISEP (www.isep.org) Direct placements are not as competitive but program costs are higher since there is no exchange of students involved. Financial aid can be used to cover ISEP direct costs.
  • Bilateral Exchange placements are competitive but chances of placement are good. Many of our partner institutions offer intensive language programs. Students pay tuition and fees at ETSU and room and board to the host institution.
  • Direct Enrollment placements are available, if the options above do not meet students’ needs. In these cases, third-party providers should be considered. Among such providers are: Australearn www.australearn.org and Arcadia http://www.arcadia.edu/cea/.
  • EuroScholars is a unique study abroad program whereby students have the opportunity to conduct research at a high caliber institution in a chosen field of study while taking a language and culture class. Twelve different European universities are participating as host institutions for the exceptional students in this program.  Program details can be obtained at http://www.euroscholarsusa.com/programdetails.htm

For more information, please contact Maria Costa (costa@etsu.edu) or our International Programs and Services Office, 120 Yoakley Hall, 439-7171.

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