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University Honors Scholars
General Education Curriculum

The University Honors Scholars Program offers a distinctive curriculum. Scholars participate in three exclusive, interdisciplinary, semester-long seminars. designed to meet most of their general education requirements.

Other honors courses, such as designated sections for U.S. history and cultural anthropology, are highly interactive and taught by outstanding faculty known for their quality instruction and research in their respective fields. Honors experiences are also offered in calculus and probability and statistics.

As a University Honors Scholar, you complete a curriculum designed to meet most of your general education requirements. Experiencing these courses with your class gives you greater opportunities for in-depth investigation, discussion, and development of your personal abilities and goals.

As a capstone experience, University Honors Scholars complete a Senior Honors Thesis in their major area of study, a product of a yearlong research project with a faculty mentor.

Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

Honors Quest for Meanings & Values is a freshman seminar designed to help the honors Scholar find his/her "voice."  In the union of English and Philosophy, scholars envision alternative values from a global outlook, examine their own perspectives, and analyze how their perspectives might be viewed by those not sharing them.

Honors Great Ideas in Science is a sophomore seminar that exposes scholars to the interrelationships among the sciences and between science and culture. With a foundation in Philosophy and Physics, scholars investigate major scientific concepts and the ethical responsibilities associated with scientific advances in order to understand what is and is not science

Honors Artistic Experience, another sophomore seminar, combines Philosophy and the Arts in an investigation of the uniquely human expression of the search for beauty. Here, scholars develop an understanding of the importance of aesthetics to all elements of human culture.

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Street Addresses of The Honors College offices:
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University & Midway Scholars: Ada Earnest House
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