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Board Meeting Minutes

January 30, 2001

Board members present:  Dr. Jay Allen, Mrs. Rosemary Barson, Mr. William A. Coleman, Mrs. Jean Copeland, Dr. William Fisher, Mrs. Betty Moore, Dr. Harry Powell, Dr. Dorman Stout, and Mrs. Betty Tester.  Others present:  Mrs. Diana McClay, Miss Edith Keys, and Mr. Jeff Anderson.

Mrs. Jean Copeland, President, called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.  She announced that as a result of Dr. Keith Turkett’s resignation from the Board, Dr. Charles Votaw would be joining the other new members, Betty Moore and Betty Tester, on this year’s Board. 

Mrs. Copeland thanked Diana McClay and the Human Resources staff for all the help they give to the Board and Association.  She stated that any organization is no stronger than its members, and she urged all present to continue to support ETSURA through Board and Committee Service. 

Packets containing membership lists, committee assignments, and ETSURA bylaws were distributed.  A discussion of the bylaws will be placed on the February meeting agenda. 

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written. 


At the November 2000 meeting, Dr. Pafford presented information on making cells telephones for calling 911 available for short-term loan to Association members.  At this January meeting, discussion by this group was very positive with the understanding that we need to gather donated telephones, to assess the cost of batteries and chargers, and to contact the telephone company about activating them for use.  At that time, an appropriate rate for use will be decided upon.  Jay Allen made a motion that this service be accepted as a project, and the second was by Bill Fisher.  President Copeland asked Jay Allen to check with the telephone company, and into costs, and to report back in February. 

Mrs. Copeland called for committee reports. 

Membership Committee: Mrs. Rosemary Barson, Chair

Mrs. Barson reported that there are currently 192 members.  Barbara Humphrys, Willene Paxton and June Smith will be serving on her committee this year.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mrs. Betty Tester, Treasurer

 Mrs. Tester reported a balance of $1,705.05 in the Operating Fund Account, and $58,097.11 in total assets as reflected in the attached report.  A $5,000 gift was recently made to the Scholarship Endowment Fund, with an additional total amount of about $1,200 added since a letter requesting gifts was sent out last fall.

Program Committee: Dr. Dorman Stout, Chair

 Dr. Stout announced that the dates for two Chat and Chew Socials at Shoney’s are scheduled for April 19 and September 20.  The Summer Picnic will be June 21.  The date for the Annual Luncheon is to be announced at a later meeting.  Dr. Stout will contact members to serve on this committee. 

          Special Activities Subcommittee

Mrs. Copeland informed us that since Committee Chair, Willene Paxton, is no longer on the Board, she is willing to serve on the Committee but she requests that a current Board member assume the chairmanship.  Mrs. Copeland expects to name a Chairman at the next Board meeting.

Communications Committee

Mrs. Copeland asked Harry Powell to chair this committee which is charged with notifying members of up-coming activities.  He is to contact members to serve as callers, with the understanding that many present callers will probably be willing to continue to serve. 

Liaison Committee: Dr. William Fisher, Chair

See the attached sheets distributed and discussed by Dr. Fisher:
  1. 102nd Tennessee General Assembly Composition; 
  2. A resolution submitted to the University of Tennessee Faculty Senate from the Faculty and Staff Benefits Committee concerning the issue of lump sum withdrawal of retirement funds; 
  3. Correspondence between Dr. Fisher and Ed Henessee, Director of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System; 
  4. A resolution on the lump sum withdrawal issue presented by the ETSU Faculty Senate; and 
  5. The results of a political issues survey prepared by the Johnson City Chamber of Commerce, and addressed at the January 22, 2001 ETSU Faculty Senate meeting.

Mr. William Coleman of Human Resources welcomed the ETSURA Board to another year of service, and offered the continued support of Human Resources to us. 

Mr. Jeff Anderson of University Advancement stated that the next newsletter from University Advancement would include information about scholarship endowment gifts recently made by Mr. Robert LePella, May Votaw, and Valerie Schneider.  He reminded members to call University Advancement if receipts are needed for tax-deductible contributions for the past year.  Mr. Anderson reminded those present of the February 2 banquet, and that Harry and Janet Powell will be honored at that time.  Also, Dr. Stanton will announce the results of the current gift-giving campaign.   

Diana McClay asked that anyone having information to be included in the March ETSURA newsletter should send it to her soon. 

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Moore

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