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Board Meeting Minutes

March 27, 2001

Current members present: Dr. Jay Allen, Mrs. Rosemary Barson, Mr. William Coleman, Mrs. Jean Copeland, Dr. William Fisher, Mrs. Betty Moore, Dr. William Pafford, Dr. Harry Powell, Dr. Dorman Stout and Mrs. Betty Tester.   Others present: Mr. Jeff Anderson, Miss Edith Keys and Mrs. Diana McClay.

President Jean Copeland called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.  The minutes of the February 27, 2001 meeting were approved as distributed.  President Copeland led the group in the discussion of the following standing committee reports:

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Mrs. Jean Copeland, Chair

Mrs. Copeland announced that Dr. Connie Mynatt-Axamethy would fill the position on the Aesthetics and Heritage Standing Committee.

MEMBERSHIP:  Mrs. Rosemary Barson, Chair

There are 221 ETSURA members as of March 27, reflecting an increase of 21 in the last month.  During discussion, Dr. Dorman Stout suggested that the Board members should personally contact some retirees who are not members and try to get them to a meeting.  They would probably then join.  This might be appropriate prior to the June picnic.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Mrs. Betty Tester, Chair

Mrs. Tester distributed copies of the financial report, stating that the $59,440.93 total includes 2 new life memberships.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE:  Dr. Dorman Stout, Chair 

Dr. Stout announced that the dates for all 2001 social events are as reported earlier, and published in the ETSURA Newsletter. Plans for programs are progressing and being finalized. The June picnic will include Bluegrass music and the October luncheon will have Dr. Stanton, Dr. Sally Lee, and an unnarrated slide show.  Dr. Stout asked the Board to support a request to the University for favors at the luncheon.  Dr. Allen so moved, with a second by Dr. Fisher.  The vote in favor was unanimous.  

Dr. Allen made the motion to have a potato/salad bar with dessert as was served last year for the menu.  The second was by Dr. Fisher, and the vote was unanimous.


Dr. Pafford announced that progress is being made on the project to interview members of the ETSU community for interesting memories about the University.  Dr. Willene Paxton has meetings with two of Dr. Dossett's children, Jeannie and Tom for interviews soon.  A meeting with Mrs. Martha Culp is planned in the near future.


In a meeting with Sprint Telephone Service, Dr. Allen was told that the only cost to us for cellular and analog phones would be to purchase chargers and batteries, at a cost of approximately $30 and $60 maximum respectively.   Sprint will activate them for 911 use. We will advertise the need for donated phones at the April Eat and Chat and in the next ETSURA newsletter.  Dr. Allen will write an article for the ETSU Accent explaining our intentions and asking for donations.


Dr. Powell announced that his committee is now complete with 15 members, as listed on the revised committee roster distributed at the meeting.

LIAISON:  Dr. William Fisher

Dr. Fisher discussed items on the following distributed materials:

  1. TCRS Financial Records for 6 years up to June 2000.
  2. Retirement Improvement Bill.
  3. TEA Policy in reference to Single County/City School System.
  4. ETSU Faculty Senate Legislative Affairs Committee membership, and some recent past minutes.

Dr. Fisher then read out some of the current Bills being considered in the
Tennessee State Legislature which pertain to Higher Education.  He summarized some of those which are more pertinent/interesting to our group. 

There being no further business to discuss, President Copeland adjourned the meeting at 4:30 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Betty Moore

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