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Board Meeting Minutes

July 31, 2001

Board Members present:  William A. Coleman, Jean Copeland, Bill Fisher, Harold Johnson, Betty Moore, Bill Pafford, Dorman Stout, and Betty Tester.  Others present:  Edith Keys, and Diana McClay.

Mrs. Jean Copeland, President, called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.  She asked Bill Fisher to introduce our visitor, Mrs. Regina Shilling, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs.  Mrs. Shilling informed the group that we should be receiving invitations to the annual Faculty Dinner in the mail this week.  The dinner will be held in the Culp Center, Thursday, August 23, 2001, and is complimentary for retiree and guest.

The minutes of the May, 2001 Board meeting were approved as distributed.

President Copeland called for committee reports.  

            EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Mrs. Jean Copeland, Chair 

                        No report.

  MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  Mrs. Rosemary Barson, Chair

In Mrs. Barson's absence, Mrs. Copeland reported that membership has increased to 271.  

FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Mrs. Betty Tester, Chair  

Mrs. Tester distributed the financial report which shows an operating fund of $2,236.13 and total assets of $61,473.18.  In response to questions, Mrs. Tester explained that funds in the Scholarship Endowment Fund support the Mack P. Davis Scholarship, currently awarded to five students at $300 per student.  Earnings from the Endowment Interest Income Account are added to the Scholarship Endowment.  The Operating Fund supports mailings and activities of the Association.  

PROGRAM COMMITTEE:  Dr. Dorman Stout, Chair  

Dr. Stout distributed a summary of the Annual Picnic, including attendance, expenses, and suggestions for the next Social Chairman in planning the 2002 picnic.  


Dr. Pafford had nothing new to report at this time.  


            No report. 

LIAISON:  Dr. William Fisher  

Dr. Fisher distributed and discussed a number of handouts, as follows:  

1.      Kingsport Times-News article, "House Approves Mail Orders for Foreign

2.      "Why Medicare Doesn't Cover Prescription Drugs"

3.      A table summarizing the amounts several drug companies contribute to lobby Congress

4.      Alternatives, Vol.9, July 2001 article, "Respectability for Sale"

5.      "More Localities Offer Free Cell Phones"

6.      Inflation Performance Comparison Data, June 2001

7.      Publicity brochure for the Fifth Annual Tri-Cities Regional Medicare Education Workshop to be held September 20, 2001 in Bristol, TN.  The date conflicts with the ETSURA Chat 'n Chew scheduled for Shoney's that same morning.  

There being no further business to discuss, President Copeland adjourned the meeting at 4:15 p.m. 

Respectively submitted,

Betty C. Moore, Secretary

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