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Board Meeting Minutes

August 28, 2001

Board Members present:  Rosemary Barson, William A. Coleman, Jr., Jean Copeland, Bill Fisher, Harold Johnson, Betty Moore, Bill Pafford, Dorman Stout, and Charles Votaw.  Others present: Edith Keys and Diana McClay.

Mrs. Jean Copeland, President, called the meeting to order at 3:30 P.M.   Board members were asked to look at the letters of appreciation from the recipients of the scholarships given.  

The minutes of the July 2001 Board meeting were approved as distributed.

President Copeland called for committee reports.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Mrs. Jean Copeland, Chair

Mrs. Copeland announced that the 2001 election of ETSURA Board members will be held at the October 12 Annual Meeting luncheon, and that names of nominees must be turned in by October 1.  It is desirable to have at least six names on the ballot for the four positions.  Harold Johnson has agreed to run again, and additional names were suggested with board members volunteering to contact specific persons on the list.  Names of those accepting should be reported to Diana McClay.


Diana McClay reported that one cell phone was borrowed by a member this past week, and asked that the Board set guidelines for cell phone use in order to have them included in the September Newsletter.  The Board then discussed the charge that may be placed on the phone use.  Diana McClay will check with Dr. David Collins as to whether it is feasible to have a charge in order to cover expenses, if a donation may be accepted, or if ETSURA should cover the expenses.  The following motion was made by Betty Moore, a second by Bill Fisher, and was passed.  There should be no charge initially for the cell phone use while we check with David Collins, and until such time that we find we need to have a fee or donation to cover costs.  


Mrs. Copeland reported that she had received a letter about the annual Employee Giving Campaign, and that she will ask Dr. George Granger to again attend the breakfast and receive all materials for ETSURA.  

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  Mrs. Rosemary Barson, Chair 

Membership, at 271, has reached an all-time high.  Each Board member received a list of recent retirees who have not yet joined.  If these people join and pay after October 15, they will be credited with 2002 membership, and begin receiving the Newsletter in December.  

TREASURER'S REPORT: Mrs. Betty Tester  

Mrs. Tester was unable to attend but had the financial report prepared and distributed.  The report shows an operating fund of $2,226.45, and total assets of $61,361.64.  The Endowment Interest Income Account was reduced from the previous $1,977.37 to $1,527.37, reflecting $450 used for scholarships.  

PROGRAM COMMITTEE:  Dr. Dorman Stout, Chair  

Dr. Stout reminded us of the Chat 'n Chew at Shoney's September 20, and announced that plans for the program for the October 12 luncheon are moving along well.  Dr. Sally Lee and President Stanton will each speak.  There will be a continuous slide show from the beginning of the social at 11:30 until the program begins.  The menu is a potato bar with a choice of two desserts, and people will begin going through the line at noon.  Betty Moore and Harold Johnson will greet guests as they arrive, Keith Turkett will deliver the invocation, and Bill Fisher will conduct the election.  Cost is $7.50, and the reservation deadline is October 5.  


Dr. Pafford distributed transcripts of some of the interviews with several people about the earlier days in the life of the University/College.  He again requested volunteers to transcribe the tapes.  He will report on the project at Shoney's and at the annual meeting and ask for volunteers at that time.  

LIAISON:  Dr. William Fisher  

Dr. Fisher distributed a list of the members of Faculty Senate Committees for 2000-2001.  He stated that he has volunteered to remain a member of the Legislative Committee. He called our attention to the newly established University Wellness Committee, to which the Senate appoints two members, and which reports to President Stanton.  Dr. Fisher asked if it would be appropriate to have a member of ETSURA on this committee.  There was agreement that membership on this committee would be desirable.  Dr. Stout moved that Dr. Fisher write a letter to President Stanton to ask his consideration for adding an ETSURA member to this committee.  After a second by Dr. Pafford, the motion passed unanimously.  

Dr. Fisher also distributed a TIAA-CREF brochure which deals with the schedule of upcoming meetings.  A representative was on campus August 24.   TIAA - CREF may be contacted through their website to sign up for attendance at future meetings.  In further discussion, Bill Pafford stated that TIAA's Long Term Care Policy seems to be a good value for the 5-year plan.   State Farm was mentioned as also having a good plan as an optional retirement carrier.  

Dr. Fisher also announced that beginning in 2002 Valic will allow State employees to transfer funds.  

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 P.M.

Respectively submitted,


Betty Moore, Secretary  

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