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Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 27, 2001


Board Members present:  Jean Copeland, Bill Fisher, Harold Johnson, Betty Moore, Bill Pafford, Harry Powell, Dorman Stout, Betty Tester, and newly-elected members Joan Dressel, Barbara Humphrys, and Bill Miller. Others present: Edith Keys, Jeff Anderson, and Diana McClay.

Mrs. Copeland, President, called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.  She welcomed new and "old" members of the ETSURA Board to the last meeting of 2001.  President Copeland stated that we have enjoyed a very good year, and look forward to another in 2002.

The minutes of the October 2001 meeting were approved as distributed.

A thank you note was read from Daryl Frank for the Board's expression of sympathy in the death of her husband, Bud Frank.  Also, Edith Keys gave each member present a hand-knitted dish cloth as a thank you for the "recognition" gift certificate given her at the annual luncheon.

President Copeland called for committee reports.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Mrs. Copeland, Chair

Election of officers for 2002 was held.  Mrs. Copeland instructed the Board that those whose terms were expiring would not be eligible to vote, but the remainder plus new members were. 2001 President-Elect Dorman Stout will move up to the Presidency.  The following officers were each elected by acclamation:

President-Elect; Betty Moore (nomination by D. Stout, second by H. Johnson)

Treasurer; Betty Tester (nomination by B. Fisher, second by H. Johnson)

Secretary; Harold Johnson (nomination by D. Stout, second by J. Dressel)

MEMBERSHIP:  Ms. Rosemary Barson, Chair

In the absence of Ms. Barson, Mrs. Copeland announced that 2002 membership is already 181. Board members received a handout of present members.

TREASURER: Ms. Betty Tester, Chair 

Ms. Tester distributed the financial report which shows an operating fund of $2,799.58; total assets of $62,095.77; life membership of $10,175.00; scholarship endowment of $47,893.82; and endowment interest income of $1,227.37.  The cost of the Annual Luncheon is still outstanding.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Dorman Stout, Chair

Dr. Stout led a discussion of socials for 2002.

a.       The Board decided to schedule a Chat 'n Chew at Shoney's for March 21 rather than the usual April date.

b.      We will try to have the picnic at Rotary Park Thursday, June 20 unless this date conflicts with use by the Boy Scouts.  If so, we will try for the preceding or following Thursday.

c.       The possible dates for the Annual Meeting Luncheon are October 24 (Thursday), November 8 (Friday), or November 15 (Friday). 


All current tapes have been typed and Diana McClay reported that Fred Sauceman has read them and envisions a 32-page booklet with about 12 black and white photographs.  A printing of 1,000 would cost approximately $2,288.00.  Mr. Sauceman would do some editing, and wants to work with Willene Paxton on that.  Local print shops will be contacted about donating the cost of publication, and then a sales price will be set.  All proceeds will go into the scholarship fund.

Dr. Pafford also related that he has another website for information on buying prescription drugs from Canada.  He called our attention to a handout provided by Bill Fisher entitled "Drug Runners."

LIAISON: Bill Fisher  

The following items were discussed:  

a.       Dr. Fisher reported on the meeting at Tennessee State of representatives of all State Higher Education Faculty Senates.  They discussed the common needs of the schools.

b.      A letter from the UT Faculty Senate President was distributed and read.

c.       A Resolution from UT concerning State funding of Higher Education was distributed.

d.      Materials concerning organizational membership in "Commitment to a Better Tennessee" were distributed.

e.       A draft of a letter to Senator Henry and Representative Kishner listed some recommendations for operating more efficiently in Higher Education.  


Mrs. Copeland again welcomed new board members, Joan Dressel, Barbara Humphrys, Harold Johnson and Bill Miller.

Congratulations were extended to Diana McClay for attaining certification as a Professional in Human Resources awarded by the Human Resources Institute.  Ms. McClay was commended for her outstanding help and leadership to ETSURA this year.

The next board meeting will be the last Tuesday in January.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Betty C. Moore, Secretary

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