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Board Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2003


Board Members present: Jay Allen, Joan C. Dressel, Bill Fisher, Harold K. Johnson, Betty Moore, Willene Paxton, Dorman Stout, and Betty Tester. Others present: Jeff Anderson, Edith Keys, and Donna Williams

Ms. Betty Moore, President, called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.  The minutes of January 28, 2003 were approved as distributed on a motion by Dr. Jay Allen and a second by Ms. Betty Tester.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Ms. Betty Moore, Chair

Ms. Moore began by saying that all board meetings would be kept within an hour's time limit if at all possible.

The president also pointed out that the proposed bylaws change would be voted on at the April 17, 2003 "Eat and Chat" gathering.  Information concerning this change was printed in the March 2003 newsletter.

It was also noted that contributions may be made directly to the Endowment Interest Account.  This procedure will allow us to continue with the five scholarships.

Ms. Moore also reported that the printed version of the ETSU ACCENT publication had been discontinued due to the budget crunch, and that "Tales of the University" would appear in the ETSURA printed newsletter.


Dr. Martha Bradley has notified Ms. Moore that she will not be able to assume the chairmanship of the Membership Committee due to other commitments.  Dr. Jay Allen has agreed to serve in this capacity with the following committee members: Mrs. Martha Honaker, Mrs. June Smith Wilson, and Dr. Willene Paxton.

Ms. Moore distributed a list of those retired since the year 2000 and have not joined the ETSU Retirees Association. She encourage board members to contact these individuals and emphasize the advantages of being members of the association.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Ms. Betty Tester, Chair

Ms. Tester distributed the financial report for the month of February 2003.  The following balances were reported:

Operating Fund .......................................................... $2,618.76
Life Membership Account......................................... $10,850.00
Scholarship Endowment Investment Account............. $59,373.38
Endowment Interest Income Account............................. $725.50

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Ms. Joan Dressel, Chair

Ms. Dressel asked for suggestions from the board for possible programs for the picnic and annual meeting.

Dr. Willene Paxton reported that "Tales of the University" were ready for publication in the next newsletter. She did encourage additional stories from those who had stories to share.


No report.


No report.

LIAISON COMMITTEE: Dr. Bill Fisher, Chair

Dr. Fisher said the TEA News publication reported the need for $482 million to be cut from the higher education budget next year. He also reported there were rumors floating there might be a retirement incentive but did not know how inclusive it might be if it did come to pass.

Dr. Fisher also noted the Consumer Affairs Offices in Johnson City, Chattanooga, and Memphis were closing.

Dr. Fisher mentioned some of the guidelines being considered for the scholarships as a result of the lottery.

The next board meeting will be Tuesday, March 25, 2003.  

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

Respectively submitted,


Harold K. Johnson, Acting Secretary

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