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Board Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2003


Board members present:  Jay Allen, Joan Dressel, Bill Fisher, George Granger, Barbara Humphrys, Harold Johnson, Edith Keys, Bill Miller, Betty Moore, Willene Paxton, Dorman Stout, and Betty Tester.  Others present:  Diana McClay.

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Betty Moore at 3:30 p.m.

The minutes were approved as distributed by unanimous acclamation.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Ms. Betty Moore, Chair

A.     Faculty Senate Retiree Outreach Committee - Mary Stribling's name was given to Community Services Chair George Granger for consideration by the Senate committee.

B.     The letter written by Dorman Stout concerning ETSURA's support for state tax reform was discussed.  An additional sentence was added to make a stronger statement to the effect that: "We strongly urge your administration to support a state tax reform that could include a state income tax."  A motion was made by Jay Allen, with second by Joan Dressel, to accept the letter as amended for a vote at the picnic. The letter will be included in the June newsletter as a draft, and will be voted on at the June 26th picnic.  If approved, copies will be sent to Governor Bredesen and to all area legislators.

It was further suggested that the Board should invite area legislators to an ETSURA Board meeting later in the year.  A date will be suggested at the next meeting.

C.     Since business will be conducted at the June 26th picnic, it was decided to dispense with the June 24th Board meeting.  The motion by Jay Allen was seconded by Bill Fisher and passed with unanimous approval.


Membership lists showing 295 members to date were distributed.  Several Board members donated six membership "scholarships" to selected retirees who have not previously joined.  Diana McClay will send letters informing them of their "gift membership."  This brings the membership to 301.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Mrs. Betty Tester, Chair

Mrs. Tester distributed the treasurer's report, which indicated:

Operating fund......................................... $2,788.24
Life Membership Account...................... $
Scholarship Endowment Account........... $
Endowment Interest Account................... $

 PROGRAM COMMITTEE:  Ms. Joan Dressel, Chair

Everything concerning the picnic is moving along.  The Jonesborough Novelty Band will perform, with the fee going to the Habitat for Humanity.  Three local legislators have been invited, but not added to the program.  Board members volunteered to help with food, cleaning, greeting, etc.  Dr. Paxton will again read a list of those who have passed away during the past year and ask for a moment of silence in their honor.

TALES OF THE UNIVERSITY:  Dr. Willene Paxton, Chair

Several university secretaries are meeting at Willene's house to record some stories.  The full committee will meet again sometime in early June.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE:  Dr. Barbara Humphrys, Chair

The callers will call everyone to remind them about the picnic.


Sheets will be distributed at the picnic for names to send to the Faculty Senate Outreach Program.  He will make some comments about our community services involvement at the picnic.

LIAISON COMMITTEE:  Dr. William Fisher, Chair

Dr. Fisher distributed two handouts for discussion:

a.       the voting statistics of the Johnson City election; and

b.      retirement incentives being offered by the University of Tennessee. 


The recent financial cuts within the University were discussed.  It was suggested that Ms. Moore call Dr. Stanton on behalf of the ETSURA Board and indicate our support of his decision on football.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectively submitted,


Harold Johnson, Acting Secretary

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