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Grant Development


The Office of Human Resources is available to assist you during grant development to clarify your personnel requirements. Please call 423-439-5825 to discuss position description development, personnel budgeting, position advertisement requirements, university compensation procedures and search procedures. Outlined below is a summary of the procedures to follow when developing a grant funded administrative or clerical/support position, please see the university's Compensation Plan Guidelines and Search Guidelines (PPP-35) for more detailed information.

(1) Complete the Modified Position Questionnaire (a Microsoft Word version that can be printed out and completed). 

The university's classification process is based upon securing accurate information on the duties and responsibilities of each position. The information provided within this questionnaire will be used as a basis upon which a proper classification (title and pay level) can be determined for new positions. To assist you in developing your descriptions for clerical/support positions, the Tennessee Board of Regents Job Specifications can be accessed. These specifications only include examples of work performed and are not inclusive lists of position duties and responsibilities.

Please Note: The modified position questionnaire is a shortened version of the standard university questionnaire and is to be used only to assist in position development. Upon final approval of your grant you will be requested to complete the full Classification Questionnaire for the position.

(2) Visit the Office of Human Resources (Diana McClay or Lori Erickson)

Please bring the modified questionnaire to the Office of Human Resources to be evaluated for a proposed position title, pay level and salary. You will need this information to propose a proper personnel budget, including benefits. Please note that the university's Compensation Plan states that no regular position shall be advertised or filled prior to an evaluation of the position and the establishment of a pay level. Due to the nature of a proposed position, a formal pre-audit, including factor evaluation and administrative approvals, may be required later, following final approval of your grant.

During this meeting our office will also discuss with you the guidelines and schedules for advertising a vacant position. Based upon the proposed classification of the position, our office in conjunction with the Director of Affirmative Action, will estimate advertising costs, to be included/considered when proposing your grant budget.

When meeting with our office you will be provided with all necessary forms and guidelines, or you may independently access this information through our web page.

(3) Wait for Grant Approval

Upon notification from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs that your grant has been approved, you may prepare to advertise your new grant funded position(s).

(4) Contact the Affirmative Action Office

Contact the Affirmative Action Office to review procedures for conducting a search in compliance with affirmative action requirements, i.e, where to advertise, composition of the search committee, direct contacts for nominations, certification of applicant pool prior to interviewing, etc.

(5) Submit a Request to Advertise

Submit a request to advertise through the eJobs at ETSU electronic system.

(6) Conduct your Search

Conduct your search in compliance with all university and affirmative action procedures.


(Please see the Search Guidelines (PPP-35) for additional information)

All administrative positions must remain open for a minimum of 30 days. Clerical/support positions must remain open for 14 days.

Full-time and one year temporary, administrative positions will require at least regional advertisements, and/or national advertisements as determined by the Affirmative Action Officer.

National advertisements will appear in at least: The Chronicle of Higher Education and either INSIGHT Into Diversity, or Diversity, or other appropriate minority publications. Exceptions to advertising in appropriate publications will be made after consultation with the Affirmative Action Officer for positions where advertisement in professional journals is required to reach potential applicants.

There is no requirement to advertise temporary administrative or support positions (expected service is less than one year, ineligible for benefits).

Clerical/support positions are required to be advertised on the university web site, eJobs at ETSU . Advertisements in local or regional newspapers are optional.

All positions must be advertised on the eJobs at ETSU web site.  Positions are posted daily on this Internet site hosted and maintained by the Office of Human Resources.

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