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Office Location:
Burgin Dossett Hall, Room 307
1276 Gilbreath Dr.
Johnson City, TN 37614-1707

Office Hours:

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (EST) M-F

Mailing Address:

Office of Human Resources
ETSU Box 70564
Johnson City, TN  37614-1707

Comments and Suggestions:

The Office of Human Resources wants to effectively serve ETSU. Service is our Number One priority and we consider your feedback very important. We constantly strive to improve. Would you help us to that end by sharing any satisfactory or unsatisfactory experiences you have had with this office? We also invite your suggestions for improvement or your ideas on how any unsatisfactory experiences should have been addressed.

Please email the ETSU Human Resources  for comments and suggestions. If you would like to be contacted by a Human Resources representative, please provide us with your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.


Benefits, Retirement and HRIS
Phone: 423-439-4457
Fax: 423-439-8354

Banner/Edison Coordination & Entry Joyce Willocks

Tammy Hamm
Director of Benefits,
Retirement and HRIS
(423) 439-4457

Eric Crigger
HR Information
Systems Manager
(423) 439-5235

Joyce Willocks
Benefits Manager
(423) 439-6126

 Jodi Epps
HR Generalist
(423) 439-4787

Lisa Belcher
(423) 439-4799

Pauline Stout
Human Resource
Assistant, Senior
(423) 439-5364

Sharon Chase
Human Resource Assistant
(423) 439-7089

Jennifer Fredericks
Human Resource Assistant
(423) 439-4457

Vanessa Hawkins
Human Resource Assistant
(423) 439-4454


Benefits/Insurance Joyce Willocks, Tammy Hamm
Candidate Benefit Overview Joyce Willocks
Contracts & Appointment Letters for Budgeted Employees Lisa Belcher
Courtesy Committee (Flowers, Memorial Requests) Sharon Chase
CPS & CPA Exams Lisa Belcher
Data Custodian/Personnel Records Tammy Hamm
Disability Joyce Willocks
Educational Benefits Sharon Chase
Employment Tammy Hamm
Employment Verification/Separation Notices Sharon Chase
ePrint Access (HR) Eric Crigger
Extra Compensation Pauline Stout
Faculty Renewals Lisa Belcher
Family Medical Leave (FMLA) Jodi Epps
Flex-Time Tammy Hamm
Hiring (Grad. Assistants & Temp. Employees) Pauline Stout
Hiring Paperwork Processing Sharon Chase
HR Information Systems Tammy Hamm & Eric Crigger
I-9 Maintenance & Verification Vanessa Hawkins
Labels/Lists Requests Eric Crigger
Leave of Absences/Non-Instructional Leave Joyce Willocks
Leave Usage Jodi Epps
Longevity Eric Crigger
Manage HR Information Systems Eric Crigger
Medical Leave Jodi Epps
Modified Employment Tammy Hamm
New Employee Benefits Enrollments Joyce Willocks
New Employee Benefits Orientation Joyce Willocks
Outside Employment Tammy Hamm
People Search Updates Sharon Chase
Periodic Review of Administrators Tammy Hamm
Personnel Budget Tammy Hamm & Eric Crigger
Personnel Policies and Procedures Tammy Hamm
Prior Service Jodi Epps
Post Retirement Tammy Hamm
Records Maintenance Vanessa Hawkins
Reporting Eric Crigger
Retirement/Resignation & Post-Retirement Tammy Hamm
Retirement, Retirement Counseling & Resignations Joyce Willocks
Service Awards Lisa Belcher
Sick Leave Bank (Faculty & Non-Faculty) Jodi Epps
Sick Leave Donations Jodi Epps
Systems Security Eric Crigger
Tenure & Promotion Lisa Belcher
Terminations & Check-Outs (Full-time Employees) Joyce Willocks
Terminations & Check-Outs (Temp. & Grad. Assist. Employees) Pauline Stout
Transcripts Lisa Belcher
Tuition Reimbursements Lisa Belcher
Unemployment Tammy Hamm
Volunteers Tammy Hamm & Lisa Belcher
Workers' Compensation Jodi Epps

Employee Relations, Compensation & Employee Development

Phone: 423-439-5825
Fax: 423-439-5830


Advertising/Hiring Guidelines Lori Erickson, Diana McClay Diana
Diana McClay
Director of Employee Relations,
Compensation and Development
(423) 439-5825

Lori Erickson
Assistant Director of Employee Relations, Compensation and Development
(423) 439-6124

Angela Wright
Technical Manager
(423) 439-6121

Neal Boger
Training Manager
(423) 439-6133

Krista Richesin
Human Resource Assistant
(423) 439-5825

Applicant Support Krista Richesin, Lori Erickson, Angela Wright
Background Checks Diana McClay, Lori Erickson
Career Skills Enhancement Program (CSEP) Neal Boger
Compensation/Wage & Salary Lori Erickson, Diana McClay
Database/Spreadsheet Design and Management Angela Wright
Dual Career Assistance Diana McClay
eJobs System Lori Erickson, Angela Wright
Employee Assistance Program Diana McClay
Employee Giving Campaign Diana McClay
Employee Relations & Employee Services Diana McClay, Lori Erickson
Employment Diana McClay
Equity Pay Plan Diana McClay, Lori Erickson, Angela Wright
eTraining Neal Boger
ETSU Retirees Association (ETSURA) Diana McClay
ETSU Retirees Association (ETSURA) Website Lori Erickson, Diana McClay
eValuations System Lori Erickson, Krista Richesin
Grievances/Complaints Diana McClay
HR Budget Lori Erickson, Diana McClay
HR Departmental Web Site Lori Erickson, Diana McClay
Inventory Lori Erickson, Krista Richesin, Angela Wright
Job Descriptions Lori Erickson, Krista Richesin
Job pre-audits and audits Lori Erickson, Diana McClay
New Employee Orientation (Policies & Procedures) Neal Boger
New Employee Orientation Compliance Krista Richesin, Angela Wright
Office Management Lori Erickson, Diana McClay
Organizational Charts Angela Wright
Personnel Policies and Procedures Diana McClay
Progressive Discipline Diana McClay
Probationary eValuations Lori Erickson, Krista Richesin, Angela Wright
Purchasing Lori Erickson
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) Krista Richesin, Angela Wright
Surveys Lori Erickson
Technical Assistance Lori Erickson, Krista Richesin, Angela Wright
Training & Development Neal Boger
Training & Development Website Lori Erickson, Angela Wright

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