Introduction to Computers - The Basics


  This course’s main objective is to provide the employee with an understanding of computer terminology, computers, and the capabilities of personal computers.

  •   Keyboarding review and practice; become familiar with keys and their functions
  •   Demonstrated knowledge of personal computer terminology
  •   Windows basics; icons, open, close, minimize, maximize, restore, shutdown,
       Explorer, turning computer on & off
  •   Perform and understand basic functions of software including: typing &
      editing documents & spreadsheets, print, save, save as, open, close, new,
      cut, copy, paste, font changes, images, document files, etc.
  •   Experience using e-mail and Internet
  •   Additional Microsoft programs taught pending their availability and class


The objective of this course is to provide experience using a personal computer and business software. The course also provides an understanding of related terminology and concepts. Evaluation process includes an informal in-take on the current level of participant’s knowledge and skills. Course includes a variety of exercises and a number of exercise packets that must be completed and understood before proceeding. Instructor and participant evaluation used to determine rate of progression. Practice and review is stressed to participant. Participant will gain an understanding of many new words and terms throughout course. 


Participant completes course when all lessons and exercise packets have been completed. Participant will demonstrate knowledge of terminology and the ability to produce a variety of quality, business related documents on the personal computer.

Participant will have a working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheets and be prepared for success in a college-level computer course.

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