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Local GED Prep Ctrs

Local Prep Centers Help Prepare for GED Test

    Prep Centers or Adult Education Centers in each county in Northeast Tennessee are helping residents prepare for the GED.  In Carter County, free GED preparatory classes are offered from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. four nights a week and Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - Noon.  

    Obtaining the GED is a three-step process.  First, contact your local Prep Center or Adult Education Center. Then, prepare for the GED test.  Instructors at each center will help applicants prepare for the test.  Finally, complete an application to take the GED Test.  The Prep Center instructor will give the applicant pre-test scores which must be taken to the main campus of the Tennessee Technology Center at Elizabethton, 426 Highway 91, an authorized GED Test site, for test scheduling.  The $55 test fee must be pre-paid with cash or money order unless the fee is waived by the Prep Center. 

 To begin the process, contact the GED Prep Center nearest you:

 Carter County Adult Education, 386 Highway 91 (located in the Workforce Development building), 423-542-7323 or 423-547-8348

  Johnson City Adult Education, Career Center on Wesley Street 423-610-0222

  Johnson County Adult Education, Board of Education Building, 423-727-2654

  Kingsport Adult Education, Lee School 423-378-2185

  Sullivan County Adult Education, Middle School in Blountville, 423-279-2250

  Unicoi County Adult Education, South Mohawk Avenue, 423-743-1609

  Washington County Adult Education, Asbury Family Resource Center, Indian Ridge Road, Johnson City, 423-434-4906

For information on the GED Test Schedule, contact Mike Cole, Student Services Coordinator at TTC-Elizabethton, 423-543-0070, or visit the school’s web site,

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