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Creative Writing

This page contains original writings by participants of the Career Skills Enhancement Program.  These short stories and poems were developed for fulfillment of the CSEP course titled, "The Writing Process."  The course focuses on creativity and encourages writing as a 6-step process rather than a single task.

by: Jeff Oliver, Custodial Shop 

The soft pitter-patter of rain against the tin roof is soothing and appeasing. Gingerly, the woman with gray hair pulls the blanket from her body and proceeds to urge her body out of bed. With a cane, the kind and gentle lady moves from the bedroom to the kitchen. Today is her birthday and surely her children and grandchildren will visit. With slow movements, she places fire wood in the stove and desperately searches for matches. After a few brief moments, she finds the matches and lights the stove...

After breakfast, the elderly lady slowly advances to the front porch, sloshing coffee with each step. With eagerness, her only friend on earth warmly greets her. The small terrier willingly jumps onto the arm of the rocker and into the lap on the woman with gray hair. As if talking to a person, the distinguished lady argues and fusses with the companion. Anxiously, her eyes focus on the dirt path. She is expecting at any moment to see family members approach the battered house; after all this is her birthday and surely they will remember. Wanting to keep busy, the seasoned woman softly gets out of the rocker and proceeds to the chicken house where she finds and scatters feed over the rain soaked barn yard. As the chickens scamper to the feed, tears begin to flow down the cheeks of the lonely lady. "Oh God," she cries, "Please let my family remember this special day." With chickens underfoot, the lady staggers and falls to the ground where she is knocked out...

Aggressively, the small dog paws and licks the incapacitated woman. Finally, a moan emerges from her lips and slow movements from her arms and legs. After a few brief moments, the woman reaches for her cane and slowly ascends to her feet. With blood dripping from her head, extremely unstable, and shoulders bent, the woman advances to the house. Exhausted and breathing deeply, she reaches the steps of her cottage. Even though she is hurt she is greatly thankful that her wounds are not life threatening. It is with great burden and pain that she ascends steps and enters the living room where her faithful companion follows behind. She grunts and groans with pain as she lowers her aching body onto the sofa.

The red glow of the sun is overwhelming as it lowers itself behind the majestic mountains. As hunger invades her body the lady with gray hair rises from her comfortable seat and advances to the kitchen. With manners left outside she locates and inhales a bowl of cold cereal. From there she staggers to the bath room where she commences to wash dried blood from her forehead. With energy depleted she proceeds to her bedroom where she collapses into bed. Tears begin to flow down her cheeks and on the red satin pillow case; finally she drifts to sleep.

"The Blue Heron"
By: Jeff Oliver, Custodial Shop

The water is calm and peaceful as the bright sun rises from the east. Occasionally, a rainbow trout leaps out of the tranquil brook. Small wild animals are heard scampering around the thickets. After spending the night in their favorite fishing hole, the energetic twosome eagerly pick up their fishing gear. The eighteen year old football quarterback pivots and looks awestruck at the ravishing high school cheerleader. Her golden hair glistens as the sun sprinkles its dazzling rays. The young girl notices the attention of her flame. A charming smile crosses her face as she returns the stare. The couple clasp hands as they withdraw from their paradise. Their pace hastens as they head to their separate homes.

After a hot shower and breakfast, the all state quarterback grabs his books and heads to the bus stop. As he enters the bus, a gorgeous brunette catches his eyes. He swaggers down the aisle, grinning as he slips into the seat beside her. Tenderly, he places his arms around the brunette and gives her a vibrant kiss. After a couple of seconds, the young lady gently lays her head on the muscular shoulders of the athlete. Admirably, she looks at the diamond on her left hand placed by the football player. A wedding date has yet to be determined. After an undetermined amount of time the bus comes to a halt in front of the school. The athlete and the brunette go into the school hand and hand.

As the clock nears twelve noon the football player enters the cafeteria and instantly his eyes spot his fiancee', the brunette. As he approaches the table, the eyes of the couple meet, and as if on cue, a smile crosses each face. As the quarterback sits beside his fiance, the blond from the night before enters the scene, carrying a tray of food and plops beside her flame. Blushing nervously, the athlete greets the blond. A perplexed look crosses the face of the blond, as she focuses her attention on the brunette and her muscular fiance'. Unexpectedly, the young girl from the night before, leans over and gives her flame an exciting kiss on the cheek and expresses her delight on the tremendous night of fishing. The eyes of the brunette begins to dance with rage and fury. The jock quickly rises from the chair and excuses himself, leaving the two girls time to get acquainted.

After a time of chatting the girls decide revenge would be appropriate. Knowing the athletes routine made retaliation easy. The football player swims daily in the high school pool immediately after school. This day the girls have a surprise for the football jock.

The girls hide and watch as the quarterback dives into the pool. The lighting is bad so hiding is relatively easy. After several minutes of swimming the jock crawls out of the pool covered head to toe with blue dye which the girls inserted into the swimming pool minutes before the jock entered the pool. Laughing hysterically at the blue heron that just emerged out of the pool, the brunette laid her diamond on the table and both girls left the swimming area.
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