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Supervisor Development Program

In order to improve the capabilities and effectiveness of ETSU supervisors, the offices of Human Resources, Equity and Diversity, University Counsel, and Payroll are sponsoring a Supervisor Certificate Program.  The classes (listed below) will be offered during work hours at no cost to the employee or the department.  Participants may voluntarily attend the classes with supervisor approval, or they may be directed by their supervisory chain. Employees are also encouraged to take individual classes as needed without participating in the certification program .

Upon completion of all classes, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion - Supervisor Development Program .  Upon certification, employees must complete the Supervisor Refresher class annually to maintain their certification.  Classes will be offered each semester.  For Equity and Diversity classes (Class 10, 11, 12), one must only be current in completion of initial or refresher training to achieve certification.

Certificates of completion will be placed in the employee’s official personnel file so it will be available for consideration in hiring or promotion actions within the university.

The supervisor development program consists of the following classes:
(click on each title for a course description)

Class 01:  Supervisor Survival Skills.  This requirement can be completed either
                in the classroom (9 hours) or by completing 7 hours of online training, or
a combination of classroom and online training as follows:

Classroom (9 hours)
        Part 1:  Work Styles Inventory and Do Right! (3 hours)
        Part 2:  Situational Leadership and Gung Ho! (3 hours)
        Part 3:  Progressive Discipline and Whale Done (3 hours)

Online (7 hours) - Use the Skillsoft Catalog to locate these courses
                          except Progressive Discipline
        Part 1/Supervisor Survival Skills 1:
                  Management Essentials: Directing Others
                  Management Essentials: Delegating
        Part 2/Supervisor Survival Skills 2:
                  Leadership Essentials: Building Your Influence as a Leader
                  Leadership Essentials: Leading with Emotional Intelligence
        Part 3/Supervisor Survival Skills 3:
                  Progressive Disciplinary Procedures:
                  First Time Manager Essentials: Understanding a Manager's Role
                  Business Coaching Essentials: Getting Ready to Coach

Class 02:   Compensation Plan & Position Descriptions (2 hours)
                         Online Training Program               

Class 03:   Advertising, Screening and Hiring (2 hours)

Class 04:   Conducting an Effective Interview  (2 hours)
                         Online Training Program              

Class 05:   Employment Law (2 hours)

Class 06:   Use of Leave (2 hours)

Class 07:   The Supervisor's Role in Employment Compensation (2 hours)

Class 08:   Conducting Effective Evaluations (2 hours)

Class 09:   Grievances and Complaints
                         Online Training Program (Part 1)
                         Online Training Program (Part 2)

Class 10:   Preventing Sexual Harassment (required online program, ~ 1.5 hour

Class 11:   Title VI (required online training program, ~ 1 hour)

Class 12:   Diversity Module (required online training program, ~ 2 hours)

Class 13.  Supervisor Training Program (Online ~ 1.5 hours)

Class 14.  Supervisor Refresher Training Program (annually after initial certification; Online ~ 1.5 hours) 

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