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A list and brief description of EDC’s training videos is shown below.  If you would like to preview any for potential use during a staff meeting or other department gathering, please contact the EDC at 439-6130.  Also, Rich Ashley, Training Manager, will be happy to tailor a staff development session for your unit to meet your organizational needs.  We are located in the northeast corner of the Mini-Dome, room E203, nearest the pedestrian walkway over State of Franklin Road.

For directions to our office click here.

1.     FISH! – A self-motivating, team-building philosophy: Play, Be There, Make Their Day, Choose Your Attitude. From Pike Place Fish Market. If they can have fun at work, anyone can. 18 minutes

2.     Vital Signs – a follow-up to FISH! showing how the philosophy has been implemented in a hospital setting. 18 min.

3.     Fish Sticks! – a follow-up to FISH! showing how the Pike Place Fish Market shares their vision and the FISH! principles with employees. 17 min.

4.     Do Right –  A motivational video with Lou Holtz that focuses on the themes: do the right thing; do the best you can; and treat others as you would have them treat you. 35 min.

5.     Talking 9 to 5 – an interpersonal communications video by Dr. Deborah Tannen that describes the communication differences between men and women. 29 min.

6.     The Sid Story – a leadership/management video about how a blue collar supervisor played by Dennis Franz (NYPD Blue) changes his leadership methods and improves performance of his employees. 21 min.

7.     Managing Anger – Ben Bissell.  Funny!  Describes alternatives to the “Cave Man” reaction:  threat – fear – anger. 39 min.

8.     Managing Change and Transition – Ben Bissell.  Funny.  Describes the natural processes one goes through during a SEE (significant emotional event). 35 min.

9.     The Manager’s Balancing Act – Ben Bissell.  7 ways a manager can interact with employees using paradoxes. 44 min.

10.     Abilene Paradox – A classic management video about managing agreement, or, subject to “group think,” doing something no one wants to do – taking a trip to Abilene. 24 min.

11.     Whale Done – Ken Blanchard.  How we can learn leadership and personal interaction techniques by observing the training of whales. 21 min.

12.     Gung Ho! – Ken Blanchard and Shelton Bowles.  A true story about how a new plant manager turned around the plant using the Spirit of the Squirrel, Way of the Beaver and Lessons of the Geese. 29 min.

13.    Give ‘em the Pickle! – Bob Farrell. A customer service video that describes how to treat customers so they’ll come back. 18 min.

14.     One Ringy-Dingy – Lily Tomlin as Ernestine.  Telephone customer service.  18 min.

15.     What Customers Want – Lily Tomlin as Margo.  Customer service video. 19 min.

16.     Dealing with Disappointed Customers – Lily Tomlin as Lud.  Self explanatory. 21 min.

17.     7 Deadly Sins of Customer Service – Lily Tomlin as Bobbi Jeanine.  Things not to do when providing customer service. 22 min.

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