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New Employee Orientation

Welcome to East Tennessee State University

Welcome message
from the President of ETSU.

The Office of Human Resources provides a comprehensive new employee orientation described below.

The Office of Human Resources conducts a two-phase new employee orientation program which is mandatory for all regular full-time and part-time employees.  The first phase is a Benefits Orientation offered each month. The second phase is a Policies and Procedures Orientation conducted online within the first 45 days of employment.

The Benefits Orientation provides an overview of the university’s benefits programs and services which includes health, life, disability, retirement, leaves, workers' compensation, transcripts, payroll information and other pertinent topics.  The Benefits Orientation is essential to your enrollment in the benefit programs and receiving your compensation through the University. Employees are given an opportunity to ask questions regarding employment and benefits, and complete necessary paperwork to ensure proper benefits and inclusion on the payroll.

The Policies and Procedures Orientation provides a welcome to the university by the university president and an overview of key university policies, procedures and services.  The orientation familiarizes employees with the university’s vision, mission, values and organizational structure. The  orientation includes but is not limited to: work hours; closure procedures; performance evaluations; campus security, health and safety; computer use; general campus services for employees; fraud, waste and abuse; employee educational benefits, training and development; disciplinary, grievance and complaint procedures; and awards programs.

In addition to these two orientations, the Office of Human Resources provides a Department/Job Orientation Checklist.  When completed, the checklist should be returned by the new employee’s immediate supervisor to the Office of Human Resources for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file. The checklist provides the supervisor and the employee with guidelines for the discussion of departmental policies and procedures. The department orientation should include a tour of the work area and an explanation of employee’s responsibilities and working conditions.  This orientation is mandatory for the Department of Facilities Management.

Online New Employee Orientation 

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