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Typing Tests/Pre-employment Testing

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amended (ADAA), employers may use pre-employment tests as selection criteria. The tests must be administered to all applicants seeking similar employment. If the tests tend to screen out applicants with disabilities, the employer must demonstrate that the test is job related and consistent with business necessity.

Departments are discouraged from independently administering any pre-employment tests. Those departments desiring to administer pre-employment tests, i.e., computer software application, typing tests, etc., must seek prior approval in writing from the Office of Human Resources.   The written request to administer pre-employment tests must include:

  • A list of the test/tests to be given;
  • The source of the test (in-house or Internet);
  • A copy of the test;
  • A confirmation that all applicants (or all final applicants) will be adequately and uniformly informed of the test by letter or e-mail, and given an opportunity to request a reasonable accommodation; and,
  • An explanation of how the test is job related to the position’s essential functions (i.e., typing is an essential function for secretarial positions; ten key is an essential function for cashiers, account clerks, etc.).

The Office of Human Resources discontinued the administration of mandatory typing tests for all clerical positions effective October 1, 2008. Skills assessment testing is under review.

All pre-employment tests for ETSU positions must be administered by the hiring department after approval from the Office of Human Resources.  The FREE tests listed below are available to departments; however ETSU is not responsible for off-campus site content.

Typing Test,
10 Key Test,

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