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Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Board Members present: President Betty Tester, Pauline Cross, Bill Fisher, George Granger, Styron Harris, Kenneth Herd, Bill Miller, Chelsea Sharp, and Dorman Stout. Dr. Paxton was excused. Also present was Diana McClay.

President Tester called the meeting to order. She stated that the August minutes were approved as distributed.

President Tester noted that we need a list of Board nominations for the annual election. She appointed Bill Miller to chair a committee to come up with six to eight names. Bill Fisher said he would provide one name and George Granger also so agreed. The committee is composed of Miller, Fisher, Paxton and Granger. Kenneth Herd will seek officers from those duly elected to the Board.

Membership Committee: Pauline Cross, Chair

Finance Committee: William Miller, Chair

Operating Fund Account…………………..$ 2,309.25

Life Membership Account…………………$ 11,960.00

Scholarship Investment Account………….$ 83,169.26

Endowment Interest Account……………..$ 3,792.38

Total Assets…………………………$ 101,230.89

Program Committee: Dr. Kenneth Herd, Chair

Dr. Herd has talked to Dr. Stanton’s secretary and he has talked to Dr. Franks and both are committed to speaking at our annual dinner. Bill Miller questioned the future of our Eat and Chats. It was suggested that we perhaps need a program each time we meet. The Golden Corral was mentioned as a possible meeting place on Tuesday from 2-4.

Tales of the University: Dr. Chelsea Sharp, Chair

The Committee will meet again November 2.

Community Services Committee: Dr. Dorman Stout, Chair

There will be a major men’s university golf tournament on October 15-16. Some 15 will be needed to assist in scoring, etc. Saturday at 7:30 and 12:30 and Sunday at 7:45. Lunch will be provided. Help will be needed in the spring with the men’s basketball tournament.

Liaison Committee: Dr. William Fisher, Chair

All but two schools have agreed to attend the first annual Tennessee statewide higher Educational retirees group network meeting at Fall Creek Falls State Park. Bill and Dr. Gehre will attend and Bill hopes 2-4 others will attend from ETSU. Bill shared information on Medicare Part D. Every person on Medicare will receive a government bulletin concerning Part D prior to the enrollment date.

Basically for an individual with no subsidy:

$ 37 monthly premium

$ 250 deductible

Part D says 75% of the cost from $ 251 - $2250

Part D pays none of the cost between $ 2252 - $ 5100

Part D pays 95% of the cost above $ 5100

Communications Committee: Dr. Styron Harris, Chair

Dr. Harris noted that his callers are often given information and asked for information concerning our sick members. He sees a need for monthly updates on the status of our members. He sees a real opportunity for his committee.

Dr. Stout moved and seconded by Dr. Herd that we adjourn. Motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,


George Granger, Secretary

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