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Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Board Members present: President Betty Tester, Chesla Sharp, Styron Harris, Willene Paxton, Bill Fisher, Bill Miller, Kenneth Herd and George Granger.  Also present were John Sanders, Crystal Gilland and Diana McClay.

 President Betty Tester called the meeting to order.  Bill Fisher moved and it was seconded by Bill Miller to approve the minutes as distributed.  Motion Passed.

 President Tester drew to our attention the recent passing of Dr. Jewell Friend and of Lucille Shipley.  It was noted that Louise Falls has had a stroke and Joan Dressel had a niece die recently.

 Committee Reports:

                Executive Committee: Betty Tester, Chair

                        Nominating Sub-Committee Report: Bill Miller, Chair

                                     Janet Fisher, Com Library

                                    Martha Hauff, Curriculum & Instruction

                                    Karen Hicks, Continuing Medical Education

                                    Ted Hughes, University Advancement

                                    Betty Hylton, Library

                                    David Logan, Art & Design

                                    Jerry Rust, Research

                                    Don Wilkinson, Management & Marketing


                        George Granger will give an “employee giving” report at the annual meeting.


Bill Fisher will lead a Question & Answer discussion of Medicare Part D following the annual meeting.


President Tester noted that 54 tickets had been sold to the Magical Night of Giving.  We hope to sell a minimum of 100.


Betty reported for Dorman Stout that 11 people helped at the ETSU golf match.  Betty also noted that she and Dorman are on an athletic committee and they always need help.


Membership Committee: Pauline Cross, Chair


President Tester reported for Mrs. Cross that the 2005 membership is closed, at the highest total on record.


Finance Committee: William Miller, Chair


Operating Fund Account……………………   $ 2,375.21

                        Life Membership Account………………….    $ 12,060.00

                        Scholarship Investment Account……………$ 83,481.26

                        Endowment Interest Account……………….   $ 3,792.38

                        Total Assets………………………… ……....$ 101,708.85


Program Committee: Dr. Kenneth Herd, Chair


Dr. Herd wants to have a second “annual meeting” in January.  He wants to invite the community, have a program promoted and planned by ETSURA and to think outside the box.  He wants to bring a program on green power, especially the use of wind turbines.  He has also approached the JC Power Board to sponsor the program.  He would like to use the “Centre”.  Bill Miller moved and seconded by Bill Fisher to support such a program with up to $300.00.  Motion passed.


Tales of the University: Dr. Chelsea Sharp, Chair


His committee will have a booth at Homecoming for the purpose of recording responses to a set of questions.  Their responses will be listed on our web site.  Individuals will be asked to sign a release form.


Communication Committee: Dr. Styron Harris


His committee is ready to start calling promoting our annual meeting.


Community Services Committee: Dr. Dorman Stout, Chair


Dr. Stout had asked President Tester to report for him.  See above Executive Committee Report.


Liaison Committee: Dr. William Fisher, Chair


Dr. Fisher gave each board member a copy of a report “Retiree Yearly Cost of Living Increases Data Federal Guidelines”. It showed the 4.1% social security increase scheduled for January 1, 2006.  It also showed that the medicare monthly deduction will increase $10.30 to $88.50.  A second handout showed the coverage provided by the only medicare supplement plan available from the state.  It is approximately the same as the old Plan 1.  It will have a net cost of $105.00 for you and your spouse with the usual state support for the retiree ($40.00 or less depending on the number of years of employment).  He also discussed the November statewide meeting of retiree Associations (MTSU and Austin Peay excepted).  Dr. Jerry Gehre and possibly President Tester will attend with Bill.


            There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:50 P.M.  The next meeting will be held Tuesday, November 29, 2005 at 3:30 P.M. in the University Advancement Conference Room.


Respectfully Submitted,

George Granger, Secretary


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