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Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Present:  Pauline Cross, Janet Fisher, Bill Fisher, Styron Harris, Ken Herd, Bill Miller, Ches Sharp, Dorman Stout, Betty Tester, Ed Williams, Diana McClay.   Ted Hughes and Don Wilkinson are recovering from their illness and Betty Hylton was excused from the meeting.

President Herd called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.  The minutes of the February meeting were approved.  Herd announced that plans for the ETSU Pride Walk have been completed and that October 31, 2006 is the deadline to order a brick at the minimal price of $60.00.  Call University Advancement at 423-439-4242.

Committee reports:

Executive Committee: Ken Herd, Chair

 Ken read a letter to the board which he had written to John Sanders.  The letter was a result of a proposal made by Bill Miller in the March l7 meeting of the executive committee and endorsed by the whole committee. There Bill Miller had proposed that the University create a position in the Office of Human Resources to serve the needs of retirees and persons in the University moving toward retirement.  There was an extended discussion of the letter.  Ed Williams and Betty Tester expressed the need for more counseling before retirement and Bill Fisher expressed a need for more coordination of the counseling that now exists. There was a discussion of whom this person would serve.  The conclusion was the ETSU community.  There were some hesitations about references to wills and end-of-life decisions in the letter.  The board unanimously approved the concept and Ken agreed to present a new letter to the Board for final approval of wording.

Membership Committee:  Pauline Cross, Chair

            Pauline announced that membership increased from 280 to 300 in March.

Finance Committee: Bill Miller, Chair

            Operating Fund Account                                                           $   2,715.86

            Life Membership Account                                                        $ 12,265.00

            Scholarship Endowment Investment Account                          $ 90,739.44

            Endowment Interest Income Account                                      $    3,097.38

TOTAL ASSETS                                                                     $108,817.68   


Program Committee: Janet Fisher, Chair

            Wednesday, April 19            Eat and Chat              11-2      Golden Corral

            Thursday, June l5                 Picnic                      11-2       Rotary Park

Thursday, November 19       Magical Night of Giving

Janet was asked to see if a date for our annual meeting could be arranged when the campus would be on a reduced schedule.

Ken announced that Anne Sherrill had expressed an interest in ETSURA conducting trips to artistic and cultural events.  Ken asked Ches Sharp to ask Anne if she would be willing to chair a committee to explore such activities. 


Communications Committee:  Styron Harris, Chair

Styron announced the death of Lary Wood, a long-time colleague of ours in the English department.


 Community Service Committee:  Dorman Stout, Chair

Dorman announced that the basketball tournament went off very well and that the volunteers were greatly appreciated.  He says that the golf tournament this spring at The Ridges will need about 25 volunteers.

Liaison Committee: Bill Fisher, Chair

 Bill Fisher, Betty Tester and Gerry Gehre are busy networking on our behalf.  We will be represented at the state level meeting of retirement organizations at Fall Creek Falls State Park.  Bill is attempting to locate one of our retirees now living in Phoenix who could represent us at the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education Conference in Tempe, Arizona.  Bill announced that the State of Tennessee will hold its first sales tax holiday Aug. 4-6, 2006.  The following items will be exempt from sales tax during this period: Clothing and school supplies with a price of $100 or less per item and computers less than $1,500.     

            Bill asked that the newsletter carry a reminder that after the annual meeting a group will meet to describe experiences with various prescription drug plans.

President Herd adjourned the meeting at 4:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

R. Chesla Sharp


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