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Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Present:  Pauline Cross, Janet Fisher, Ken Herd, Betty Hylton, Ted Hughes, Bill Miller, Ches Sharp, Dorman Stout, Diana McClay, Crystal Gilland. 

Ken Herd called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.  Bill Miller moved that the minutes of the May meeting be approved. The motion was seconded by Ted Hughes and agreed to by the board. 

Special Presentation:  Terry Nelson, staff senator, described an arrangement with Balfour to create a new faculty-staff ring for all ETSU employees.  The new rings will go on sale at the time class rings go on sale in August.  The ring will sell for $199.  Rings for retired employees will have the date of retirement.  Balfour will add this date to rings of current employees when they retire.  For more information contact Terry at 439-7900 or 

Committee Reports: 

Executive Committee:  Ken Herd, chair, postponed the following reports to the August meeting: 

            Archives/Historical Records: Styron Harris

            ETSU Bricks:  Styron Harris, Ken Herd

            Giving Campaign Key Worker Nomination:  Ken Herd 

Membership Committee:  Pauline Cross, chair. 

Pauline reported that we now have 324 members, thirty two of which are new to the association this year. 

Finance Committee:  Bill Miller, chair, gave the following figures as of June, 2006. 

            Operating Fund Account                                            $2,942.67

            Life Membership Account                                       $12,740.00

            Scholarship Endowment Investment Account         $92,538.49

            Endowment Interest Income Account                       $3,097.38

            TOTAL ASSETS                                                  $111,318.64           

Bill raised the issue of our selling tickets at the door on the Magical Night of Giving. After some discussion among Miller, Fisher and Hylton, it was concluded that we did not sell enough tickets to get the privilege of selling at the door. 

Program Committee:  Janet Fisher, chair. 

Janet announced that our next Eat and Chat will be on September 20 and the Annual Meeting will take place on October 13, at which Dr. Stanton will give an update on the University and students will give a short program. 

Janet announced that we lost $130 on the picnic, the loss being attributed to the cost for the band.  The question of continuing with the band was raised.  Dorman felt that the band added to the festive atmosphere of the picnic.  There seemed to be a consensus that we should raise the price of the ticket next year by $1.  There was no vote on the issue. 

Community Service Committee:  Dorman Stout, chair. 

Dorman announced that the ETSU Menís Golf   Tournament will take place here on October 14 and l5.  Dorman needs volunteers to help with the event.  He plans to divide volunteers into morning shifts and afternoon shifts each day. Volunteers are free to select as many or as few of these shifts as they like. 

Liaison Committee: Bill fisher, chair: 

Ken passed out a brochure describing the upcoming 3rd biennial international conference of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education in Tempe, Arizona. Ken said that the person who was going to be our representative at the conference had left Arizona and that Bill Fisher was working with U.T. about representation.  Both Janet Fisher and Bill Miller expressed their belief that ETSURA should not pay any representative to go to this conference.  Diana said that the Office of Human Resources had helped with the cost of a representative in the past. 

Ken presented to the board plans for an ETSURA travel program. The idea for a travel program had been presented to the executive committee by a member of the association.  The idea had been discussed at one Eat and Chat and at the annual picnic.  There was interest indicated at both meetings.  Ken then appointed a committee to investigate the possibilities. With the help of Marsh Passmore of Summit Travel the committee proposed to start with a three-day trip to Atlanta to visit the High Museum, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Fox Theatre, and Georgia Aquarium. The committee saw the project as a service for its members who might like to continue to travel but did not want to drive themselves. 

Bill Miller asked if the ETSURA could get a commission from Summit Travel.  Diana said that Leonard Passmore had given the association a commission in some of the past travel.  Ches said that the travel committee had raised this question with Marsh in their first meeting.  In a trip created for a particular group any commission given would have to be generated from the group.  Any commission to ETSURA would thus increase what our members would have to pay to go on the trip.  Bill said in that case he would not want ETSURA to get a commission. 

Janet asked if the association would be financially responsible for anything.  That question had also been raised in the first meeting with Marsh.  Marsh has a period of time after making the reservations in which she can cancel without cost to her.  If there is not sufficient response from our members by her cancellation date, she will cancel the trip and return the deposits to people who made them. 

President Herd adjourned the meeting at 4:40 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted, 

R. Chesla Sharp


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