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Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Present:   Bill Fisher, Ken Herd, Betty Hylton, Ted Hughes, Bill Miller, Ches Sharp, Betty Tester, Dorman Stout, Don Wilkinson, Diana McClay, Crystal Gilland. 

The board was very pleased to have Don back: one because we need him at the meetings and two because his recovery is going along very well. 

Ken Herd called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m.  The minutes of the July meeting were approved. 

Ken announced that for health reasons Janet Fisher will not be able to stand for election to president of the board for 2007.  Earlier minutes of the board will show that when Janet agreed to serve as vice president for 2006, she reserved the right to make the decision about serving as president for 2007 later.  At the request of the board Betty Hylton agreed to let her name be given to the 2007 board as a possible president.  The new board will make the final decision. 

Ken announced the following nominating committee to prepare the ballot for the annual election of new members to the board by the membership of the Association:  Ken Herd, Betty Hylton, Bill Miller, and Betty Tester.  Tester will chair the committee.   Board members Pauline Cross, Dorman Stout, Betty Tester, and Edwin Williams will leave the board at the end of 2006. 

Committee Reports: 

Executive Committee:  Ken Herd, chair.       

Diana will contact Styron to get the two reports from him by e-mail. Ted Hughes was chosen to represent the Association at the kickoff luncheon for key workers in the giving campaign. 

Diana asked that each committee chair send her a current list of the members on the committee.


Membership Committee:  Pauline Cross, chair. 

            Diana announced that the Association now has 336 members. 

Finance Committee:  Bill Miller, chair, gave the following figures as of July, 2006. 

            Operating Fund Account                                               $3,020.02
            Life Membership Account                                            $12,740.00
            Scholarship Endowment Investment Account             $94,047.53
            Endowment Interest Income Account                         $3,097.38
            TOTAL ASSETS                                                         $112,904.93


Community Service Committee:  Dorman Stout, chair. 

Dorman announced that the following retirees helped with a fund raiser for the Lady Bucks Golf Team July 28: Bill Miller, Betty Tester, Dorman and Betty Stout, Howard and Rowena Bowers, Willene Paxton, Betty Moore. 

Dorman will need volunteers to help with the menís golf tournament October l4 and l5.


Liaison Committee:  Bill Fisher, chair. 

Bill announced that the open enrollment period for a signup or a switch for a Part D Prescription Drug Plan will be between Wednesday, November l5, 2006 through Wednesday, December 31, 2006.   There will be a discussion of various plans immediately after our ETSURA annual luncheon in the student center in Meeting Room 6.


Ken described his presidential letter in the Associationís upcoming newsletter and discussed ways of recruiting for ETSURAíS trip to Atlanta.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

R. Chesla Sharp


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