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Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Present:  Pauline Cross, Bill Fisher, Janet Fisher, Styron Harris, Ken Herd, Betty Hylton, Ted Hughes, Bill Miller, Ches Sharp, Betty Tester, Ed Williams, Diana McClay, Crystal Gilland. 

Ken Herd called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.  The minutes of the August board meeting were approved with the following corrections:  (1) The minutes asserted incorrectly that Betty Hylton agreed to let her name be given to the 2007 Board as a possible President. Betty had in fact said that she would think about allowing her name to be given to the 2007 board as a possible president.  (2)  Under executive committee Dianaís request should read:  Diana asked that committee chairs to send her a current list of the members on their committee. (3) The number of volunteers needed for the menís golf tournament is twenty-five. 

Betty Hylton announced that after careful consideration she had decided that she did not want to be nominated for President of the Board. 

Committee Reports: 

Executive Committee:  Ken Herd, Chair

            Report on archives/historical records by Styron Harris:  Styronís report had its origin in our April 25, 2006 meeting.  In that meeting we voted to stop adding to Edith Keysí scrapbook and to place the scrapbook in ETSU archives. It was felt that some of the material covered in the scrapbook was now being collected elsewhere in the University. Styron was concerned that individualsí identity would not be kept in the pictures taken by University photo service.  He found that individual identity would not be recorded in photos and that archives would not be able to keep up the scrapbook.  Styron did discover that ETSU archives have a section on University archives, which deal with the University and its history.  ETSURA is included in that section and material from ESTURA is welcomed there.   Styron suggested that the 2007 Board might want to create an ad hoc committee to complete any tasks in the scrapbook which were not finished by Edith, including identifying all photos.  The consensus of the Board was that we should proceed now with the committee.  Discussion revealed that maintaining a record of the Association would involve permanently continuing tasks. Diana pointed out her office would help but she would need help from members of the Association.  Continuing tasks would require a standing committee or structure. The question then became did we need one committee or two.  The consensus was that we appoint a small subcommittee of the Board to study the issues and make a recommendation to the Board.

            This discussion in the meeting made obvious that when we were asked to deal with the scrapbook we dealt with the manuscript only.  Edith served as archivist/historian/ scrapbook coordinator.  If we want to continue to record our history we must deal with Edithís other two functions. The subcommittee will need (1) to structure the continuance of Edithís job.  This can be done by creating a formal historical committee, similar to the program and communication committees; a subcommittee could be formed to be a part of a current standing committee: or a retiree could be named as historian.  The subcommittee will need (2) to define what duties should be performed and (3) what format should be used to document our history (web, files, etc.).[This last paragraph is taken almost verbatim from an e-mail from Diana.]

The Board voted to recognize Edith Keysí service to the Association with an honorary brick with the following inscription:                                   


Diana agreed to do the paper work for ordering the brick. 

Membership Committee:  Pauline Cross, Chair. 

Pauline announced that our membership was at 339, three more than last month. 

There has been some question about membership dues .Yearly membership runs from January through December.  However, dues paid after October l5 will count for the next year. 

Finance Committee:  Bill Miller, Chair, gave the following figures as of August 2006.


            Operating Fund Account                                            $3,020.02
            Life Membership Account                                         $12,740.00
            Scholarship Endowment Investment Account           $94,047.53
            Endowment Interest Income Account                       $3,097.38
            TOTAL ASSETS                                                        $112,904.93 

Program Committee: Janet Fisher, Chair. 

Janet announced that everything is ready for the annual luncheon for October l3 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Dr. Stanton will give an update on the University. Parking may not be as difficult as usual because fall break at the University begins at noon on October l3.  See Fisherís report under the liaison committee for a program following the luncheon. 

Communications Committee: Styron Harris, Chair. 

Styron announced that the committee will contact the membership about the annual luncheon. 

Community Service Committee: Dorman Stout, Chair. 

Ken pointed out Dormanís need of 25 volunteers to work with the menís golf tournament October 14 and l5. 

Liaison Committee: Bill Fisher, Chair. 

Bill announced a meeting October 13, 2006 at 2 p.m. in Meeting Room 6 in the Culp Center to discuss 2007 Part D Prescription Drug Plans. 

The nominating committee presented some of its work on creating a ballot for the 2006 election of Board members. 

Diana announced that Robert Plummer wanted to continue with collecting tales during homecoming and had asked Emmett Essin to man a table October 28 for that purpose.  Emmett will appreciate any volunteers who would like to help. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted, 

R. Chesla Sharp





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