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Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Present:  Rosemary Barson,   Pauline Cross, Bill Fisher, Janet Fisher, Ethel Garrity, Ken Herd, Ted Hughes, Betty Jane Hylton, Dan Johnson, Bill Miller, Ches Sharp, Dorman Stout,   Betty Tester and Brunhilde Tober-Meyer. Also present were Diana McClay and Crystal Gilland. 

The meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Ken Herd.  The minutes of the October board meeting were approved with the following correction:  Betty Tester asked that her suggestion about dissemination of retirement information be amended to include the word staff.  The sentence should read:  Betty Tester thought more information about retirement should go to faculty and staff around the age of 63 or 64.


Committee Reports: 

The committee chairs used this meeting to inform the new board members of the functions of the committees.


Membership Committee: Pauline Cross, chair. 

Pauline announced that our membership is at 339 and left a book of records for the incoming chair. 

Description of the committee:  This committee will follow procedures for recruiting, maintaining and inventorying membership.  Activities: (1) Present ideas for attracting new members. (2) Work with Human Resources office to distribute up-to-date membership lists.  Compare membership lists with list of all ETSU retirees to form source of prospective new members. (3) Provide information and applications for life membership in the Association.

Number of members currently on the committee:  9.


Finance Committee: Bill Miller, chair, gave the following figures as of November, 2006. 

            Operating Fund Account                                           $3, l78.60
            Life Membership Account                                         $13,190.00
            Scholarship Endowment Investment Account             $95,530.53
            Endowment Interest Income Account                        $2,197.38
            TOTAL ASSETS                                                     $114,096.51


            Bill described each of the above accounts. 

Operating Fund Account:  The money in this account comes from yearly dues paid by members of the Association who do not have life memberships.  The funds in this account go to the daily operation of the Association.  The Office of Human Resources provides administrative and secretarial support to the Association and pays for required office, paper and printing supplies.  ETSURA pays postage costs. 

Life Membership Account:  Money in this account comes from membership fees paid for life membership in the Association.  The life membership fee is a nonrefundable deferred gift to the ETSURA Endowed Scholarship Fund in the ETSU Foundation.  The funds are invested by the University with the income being used for current expenses of the Association (interest is transferred to the Operating Fund Account) until the member’s death at which time the Life Membership Account funds (one half if husband or wife) will be transferred to the Endowed Scholarship Fund. 

Scholarship Endowment Investment Account:  The East Tennessee State University Retirees Association Scholarship Endowment was established in January 1992.  In September 1998 the ETSURA Board of Directors unanimously voted to change the name of the endowment to the Dr. Mack P. Davis ETSURA Scholarship Fund.  Funds are invested by the University in the LGIP (local government investment pool). 

Endowment Interest Income Account:  The money in this account is the interest from the Scholarship Endowment Investment Account.  This money is distributed yearly to students at ETSU.  The University Scholarship Committee decides the number of scholarships and the value of each based on declared earnings of the endowment.  (For the 2006/7 academic year ETSURA awarded six (6) scholarships of $300 each.) 

Description of the committee:  The leader of this committee will be the treasurer of the Association.  This committee will make, originate and administer all plans of the Association related to budget and finance and will report to the president.  This committee will work with the program committee in planning money-making procedures, travel, special entertainment functions, and the like. Activities: (1) Suggest and coordinate fund raising activities.  (2) Prepare a budget and audit procedures when necessary. (3)  Consult with the treasurer when necessary. (4) Transfer funds to the scholarship account as guidelines permit.  (5) Work with membership committee to record life memberships. 

Number of members currently on the committee:  5.



Program Committee: Janet Fisher, chair. 

Janet announced the following events for 2007:

Tuesday, February 20          Eat and Chat           11-2      Golden Corral
            Tuesday, April 17                Eat and Chat           11-2      Golden Corral
            Tuesday, September 18       Eat and Chat           11-2      Golden Corral


Bill Miller raised the issue of the poor attendance at the eat and chats.  He suggested adding some form of a program.  Dan Johnson volunteered to serve on the program committee and to arrange a program for the eat and chats.

Janet announced that the Association got through the annual luncheon with a profit of $52.25. 

Description of the Committee:  The program committee will plan all programs of the Association, e.g. annual meeting, called meetings, unusual and special meetings, procedural routine for regular and monthly programs of the Board and programs designed to popularize the Association, and the like.   Activities:   (1) Plan and coordinate social events such as annual picnic and infrequent luncheon meeting.  (2) Work with communications committee to notify members through newsletter and calling committees.  (3) Work with executive committee to plan annual business meeting/luncheon. (4) Work with finance committee to plan fund-raising activities. (5) Develop and coordinate programs of special interest and benefit to members concerning subjects such as legislation, insurance, social security, health, and the like.  (6) Make membership aware of travel opportunities: explore short trip possibilities for consideration by members. Number of members currently on the committee:  3.     


Communications Committee: Styron Harris, chair. 

Description:  By practicing effective communication, this committee will be responsible for all elements of contacting members of the association such as newsletter, special notices, media notices, telephoning, person-to-person and group-to-group contacts when necessary. Activities: (1) Through a calling committee, notify all members of upcoming program events. (Notify members outside local area by mail or other contact.) (2) Collect information and publish Association newsletter with aid of staff in Office of Human Resources. (3) Work with membership committee to collect current information on new retirees, deceased members, and the like.  Members currently serving on the committee:  15. 

The newsletter is published quarterly in March, June, September and December. 



Community Service Committee: Dorman Stout, chair. 

Dorman thanked the twenty something volunteers who helped with the golf tournament.  He emphasized that the committee provides service to a variety of organizations.  It is not just a service organization for sports. 

Description of the committee: This committee will be responsible for obtaining volunteers for courtesy, welcoming and service functions when requested by various elements of the University.  Activities: (1) Recruit retiree volunteers to aid with University events and programs.  (2) Develop on-campus service opportunities. (3) Coordinate arrangements of service opportunities.  Members currently serving on the committee:  1.



Liaison Committee: Bill Fisher, chair. 

Bill reported that the premium for the State’s Medicare supplement will not increase in 2007 and the administrator for the program will change.  POMCO Group in Syracuse, New York will replace BlueCross BlueShield. 

Bill also asked for time at the end of the February meeting for the board to meet with representatives from his committee, faculty senate and human resources to discuss coordinating the various groups interested in retirement issues. 

Description of the committee:  The liaison committee, along with the president, will represent the board and, if necessary, the entire membership through official contact with the University President in such as (1) that the Association might do for the University, (2) what the University might do for the retiree: and (3) other factors.  Activities:  (1) Establish and maintain contact with other higher educational retiree groups for informational purposes.  (2) Keep in touch with the faculty and staff Senate activities for awareness and reporting purposes. (3) Work with the Association president in communicating with University administration.  (4)  Work with program and development committee to provide retirees with information about health insurance, Medicare, University Foundation activities, continuing education, retirement income, and potential tax questions.


Executive Committee: Ken Herd, chair. 

The following officers were elected for 2007:

Janet Fisher--President
Ted Hughes--President-Elect
Bill Miller--Treasurer
Ches Sharp--Secretary 

Description of the committee:  The executive committee, chaired by the president, will also include the past president, the president elect, the secretary, the treasurer, the representative from the office of human resources.  The group will work with the president in areas of setting goals and objectives and monitoring progress, long range planning, organizational structure, and procedural matters.  The president will be an ex-officio member of each and every committee and will be responsible for all affairs of the Association.  Activities:  (1) Assist president in developing goals and objects and in monitoring progress.  (2) Assist president in establishing committees for the Association. (3) Work with president (through ad hoc committee) to provide prior to fall business meeting/luncheon a list of nominees for new board members to replace outgoing members.  (4) Review and offer any needed revisions to by-lays and/or organizational structure of the Association.  (5) Represent Association when appropriate to confer with ETSU president.


Betty Jane moved that the Association send yearly to university archives the following: (1) copy of the board minutes of each meeting for the year, (2) list of the final membership for the year of the Association, (3) copy of each newsletter of the year of the Association.  It was suggested that (4) a yearly report of the treasurer be added to the list.  Betty Jane accepted the suggestion.  Ches pointed out that there was unfinished business about archives before the board and asked if this motion affected that business.  Betty Jane said the two were totally separated motions.   The motion was unanimously accepted by the Association.  Diana said the Office of Human Resources would send the material to archives.


ETSURA netted $595.00 for the scholarship endowment from the recent Magical Night of Giving.    As of November 28   university retirees had given $6,814.00 to the United Way.  This was 8% of the total donations of this year’s employee giving campaign.


The board meeting is moving to a larger space.  Beginning in January we will meet in the conference room in the office of the vice president for administration.  The conference room is just inside Dossett 309.


This set of minutes goes beyond my notes from the meeting.  I used a printed handout called ETSURA Committee Structure for description of the committees and Diana’s gracious response to an e-mail for information about the bank accounts.


Ken adjourned the meeting at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, 

R. Chesla Sharp



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