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Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Present:  Rosemary Barson, Judith Bragg, Bill Fisher, Janet Fisher, Ethel Garrity, Styron Harris, Ken Herd, Ted Hughes, Dan Johnson, Bill Miller, Ches Sharp, Brunhilde Tober-Meyer. Also present were Diana McClay and Crystal Gilland. 

The meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Janet Fisher in our new meeting place in room 309F of Dossett Hall. 

The minutes of the November 2006 meeting were approved with a request for removal of the material that I had added from a printed handout called ETSURA Committee Structure. I think the best way to keep the minutes intact is to start with the minutes at the section where the handout material was first used and to make the requested deletions.  The manuscript will thus be a record of what should be in the minutes, not a record of deletions.


Committee Reports: 

The committee chairs used this meeting to inform the new board members of the functions of the committees.


Membership Committee: Pauline Cross, chair. 

Pauline announced that our membership is at 339 and left a book of records for the incoming chair.


Finance Committee: Bill Miller, chair, gave the following figures as of November, 2006. 

            Operating Fund Account                                                $3, l78.60

            Life Membership Account                                           $13,190.00

            Scholarship Endowment Investment Account             $95,530.53

            Endowment Interest Income Account                            $2,197.38

            TOTAL ASSETS                                                       $114,096.51




Program Committee: Janet Fisher, chair. 

Janet announced the following events for 2007:

Tuesday, February 20          Eat and Chat           11-2      Golden Corral

Tuesday, April 17                Eat and Chat           11-2      Golden Corral

Tuesday, September 18       Eat and Chat           11-2      Golden Corral


Bill Miller raised the issue of the poor attendance at the eat and chats.  He suggested adding some form of a program.  Dan Johnson volunteered to serve on the program committee and to arrange a program for the eat and chats.

Janet announced that the Association got through the annual luncheon with a profit of $52.25.


 Community Service Committee: Dorman Stout, chair. 

Dorman thanked the twenty something volunteers who helped with the golf tournament.  He emphasized that the committee provides service to a variety of organizations.  It is not just a service organization for sports.


Liaison Committee: Bill Fisher, chair. 

Bill reported that the premium for the State’s Medicare supplement will not increase in 2007 and the administrator for the program will change.  POMCO Group in Syracuse, New York will replace BlueCross BlueShield.


Bill also asked for time at the end of the February meeting for the board to meet with representatives from his committee, faculty senate and human resources to discuss coordinating the various groups interested in retirement issues.


 Executive Committee: Ken Herd, chair. 

The following officers were elected for 2007:

Janet Fisher--president

Ted Hughes--vice president

Bill Miller--treasurer

Ches Sharp—secretary


Betty Jane moved that the Association send yearly to university archives the following: (1) copy of the board minutes of each meeting for the year, (2) list of the final membership for the year of the Association, (3) copy of each newsletter of the year of the Association.  It was suggested that (4) a yearly report of the treasurer be added to the list.  Betty Jane accepted the suggestion.  Ches pointed out that there was unfinished business about archives before the board and asked if this motion affected that business.  Betty Jane said the two were totally separated motions.   The motion was unanimously accepted by the Association.  Diana said the Office of Human Resources would send the material to archives.

ETSURA netted $595.00 for the scholarship endowment from the recent Magical Night of Giving.    As of November 28   university retirees had given $6,814.00 to the United Way.  This was 8% of the total donations of this year’s employee giving campaign.


The board meeting is moving to a larger space.  Beginning in January we will meet in the conference room in the office of the vice president.  The conference room is just inside Dossett 309.


Here endeth the corrections of the November minutes.


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Committee Reports (January 2007 Meeting):


Executive Committee: Janet Fisher, chair. 

Janet asked for a volunteer to serve as chair of the community service committee. She said she would wait a few weeks and if she got no volunteer she would appoint someone. 

The board unanimously approved Janet’s letter to John Sanders requesting  creation of a retirement counseling position. 

Diana passed out a statement of understanding between ETSU and volunteers. There were concerns expressed about the restrictions placed on liability for personal injury incurred while volunteers are on campus.  Diana said she would get further clarifications.  Janet said it would be an individual choice whether one signed the form. 

Janet announced our annual picnic for June l4 and the annual luncheon for either October or November.  The Eat and Chats are as reported in the November minutes.  Board meetings are the last Tuesday of each month, except June and December. 

The board received a thank you note from the college of pharmacy for the $54.68 which Ken had collected by passing around a piggy bank at each board meeting. 

Content deadline for the March Newsletter is Monday, February 26, 2007.


Membership Committee: Ethel Garrity, chair. 

Ethel announced that our membership is at 259.  At this time last year the membership was 268.



Finance Committee: Bill Miller, chair, gave the following figures as of December 2006. 

            Operating Fund Account                                            $    3,467.26

            Life Membership Account                                         $  13,340.00

            Scholarship Endowment Investment Account           $101,416.17

Endowment Interest Income Account                        $    4,447.00

TOTAL ASSETS                                                       $122,670.43


Bill moved that we transfer $2000.00 from the operating fund to the scholarship endowment fund.  Brunhilde asked about expenses of the Association for the year.  Janet requested that Bill withdraw his motion, which he did.  Janet asked each committee to report to her its expected expenses for the year.  Diana said she would review last year’s budget and develop a list of association expenses for 2006. Janet indicated to Bill that the board would be glad to receive his motion at a later time. 


Program Committee: Ted Hughes, chair. 

Ted asked the board to approve mailing a letter to the membership announcing a short program on undergraduate research at the eat and chat on Tuesday,

 February 20, 2007.   The request was unanimously approved. 

Dan asked for ideas for future programs and received the following suggestions: 

1. General information on health
2. Actions of the state legislature of interest to the members of the Association
3. Information about the school of public health
4. A trip to the fossil site at Gray


Communication Committee: Styron Harris, chair. 

Styron reported that the committee would be fully functional in time to make the calls for the eat and chat in February.


Liaison Committee: Bill Fisher, chair. 

Bill announced that the monthly premium for the State’s Medicare supplement program decreased in 2007. 

Bill announced that there would be retirement planning workshops for ETSU employees on February 28, March 1, and March 8. Retirees are welcome to attend, but should let Diana know that they are coming (call Crystal at 439 5890). 

Bill asked if we wanted to continue the monitoring of Part D and report on the results at our annual luncheon.  Janet asked the board to think about the question and we would discuss it at the next meeting. 

Janet announced that a meeting will be held on February 28, 2007 at 2:30 prior to the Board meeting to allow an hour for discussion of the various people connected with the retirement program.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted, 

R. Chesla Sharp


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