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Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Board members present: Rosemary Barson, Judith Bragg, Janet Fisher, Bill Fisher, Ethel Garrity, Ken Herd, Ted Hughes, Dan Johnson, Bill Miller, Ches Sharp, Brunhilde Tober-Meyer. Also present were Diana McClay and Crystal Gilland. David Logan, Co-Chair of the Community Service Committee was also present. 

The meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Janet Fisher. 

The minutes of the February 2007 meeting were presented by Ches Sharp and were approved by the Board. 


Committee Reports:


Executive Committee: Janet Fisher, chair. 

Janet announced that the Retirement Planning Workshop would meet April 4.  She also announced the various groups making up the workshop and their representatives to that workshop:           

Alan Peiris representing the Faculty Senate
            Marjorie Williams representing the Staff Senate
            Bill Fisher representing the Benefits Committee
            Ken Herd representing ETSURA
            Diana McClay, Crystal Gilland, Rich Ashley, Tammy Hamm, and Joyce Willocks representing Human Resources                                                  

The board conducted a fairly extensive review of its volunteer service program.  Bill Miller said that volunteer service was a function of the Association from its formation.  Janet outlined activities that the Association has been involved with in the past:  work on the campus during pride week, overseeing student elections, assisting at athletic activities, and some work with people with disabilities.  David Logan talked about CASA, a social work program which he and his wife, Carol Lee, have been working with as court observers for children.  Bill Fisher recalled that the Faculty Senate outreach program originally contained the idea of faculty visiting the homebound, but the program hasnít advanced very much recently.

 David Logan agreed to update our volunteer list by removing names of people on the list who are no longer able to serve, adding the names of any new volunteers and getting e-mails addresses for the volunteers.  He will be assisted with the updating by Rosemary Barson and Carol Lee Logan. Janet asked Brunhilde Tober-Meyer, David and Carol Lee Logan to update the letter that Human Resources sends to campus departments and offices offering the services of  ETSU volunteers. The Office of Human Resources will remind faculty and staff at ETSU of the volunteer service program once the update is completed.

Janet presented a request from the AOA chapter of the College of Medicine to share a service project with the chapter.  Ken Herd suggested that Janet get in touch with the faculty sponsor to get a better idea what the students had in mind.  Janet agreed to contact the sponsor and delayed any action on the request until we hear from the sponsor.


Membership Committee: Ethel Garrity, chair. 

Ethel announced that our membership is at 308, an increase of 35 since our last meeting.


Finance Committee: Bill Miller, chair, gave the following figures as of February, 2007. 

            Operating Fund Account                                            $         1,834.32

            Life Membership Account                                          $       13,865.00

            Scholarship Endowment Investment Account              $    103,690.74

            Endowment Interest Income Account                         $        4,147.00

            TOTAL ASSETS                                                      $    123,537.06 

Bill was asked two questions about the financial statement.  When is the interest on the accounts added to the statement?    Why is our withdrawal from the operating fund indicated but the corresponding deposit in the scholarship fund not indicated?   Bill said he was not sure about the timing in either question, but would check the procedure and let us know at the next meeting.  Crystal Gilland said that Human Resources had not received a thank you note for the gift so the process of transfer probably had not been completed at the ETSU Foundation when our statement was issued.   


Program Committee: Ted Hughes, chair. 

Dan Johnson reported that the program for the Eat and Chat for Tuesday, April l7 with Dr. Wykoff was confirmed.  The Board voted to mail reminders of the meeting to members of the Association. 

Dan is working with Rita Scher, Dean of Libraries, for a program in September on on-line library services and Deborah Harley, Assistant Vice President for Community Engagement, for a program in late fall or early spring with students in service learning. 

Ted is arranging for the ETSU Bluegrass Band to perform at the picnic.  He has suggested a fee of $200.00 and a free meal.  Ted and the Board decided to have the band play up to the meal.  This will leave the time of eating available for   easy conversation.


Janet asked Diana McClay to do an abstract for our next newsletter of a workshop she and a co-presenter from UT Knoxville did at the College and University Professional Association for Human Resourcesí Southern Region Conference in New Orleans in March.  The workshop was entitled Vital Retirement:  Creating Impact With Your Retirees. 


The meeting was adjourned at 4:34 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted, 

R. Chesla Sharp 


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