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Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Board members present:  Rosemary Barson, Judith Bragg, Janet Fisher, Bill Fisher, Ethel Garrity, Styron Harris, Ken Herd, Ted Hughes, Betty Jane Hylton, Dan Johnson, Ches Sharp, Brunhilde Tober-Meyer.


Staff from the Office of Human Resources:  Diana McClay, Matthew Murray.


The meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Janet Fisher.


The minutes of the August 2007 meeting were presented by Ches Sharp and were approved by the Board.


Committee Reports and Discussion:


Executive Committee: Janet Fisher, chair.


Judith Bragg, representing the nominating committee, announced that the following eight individuals had agreed to allow their names to be placed on the ballot for board member:  David Benner, Susan Burkey, Bettylene Franzus, Gerald Gehre, Anne LeCroy, Nancy Stevenson, Betty Tester and Keith Turkett.    


Janet Fisher announced that the Association would be allowed to staff a ticket table at the Magical Night of Giving.   Ted Hughes, Rosemary Barson, Judith Bragg, and Ken Herd volunteered to work at the ticket table.  October 20 and October 26 were selected as the two possible days to sell tickets.  Janet announced she would determine which of these dates we could sell tickets and then the volunteers could decide if the date fitted their schedule. Ted Hughes said he would try to find an ETSU item to use as a door prize for the event. Tickets to the Magical Night of Giving were given to board members to sell.


Janet announced that the evaluations for the retirement workshops have been very good.  Six hundred and forty seven reservations for the various workshops have been made.  The efforts of Bill Fisher and Rich Ashley were praised. Janet announced that she would send thank you notes to everyone who helped to conduct the workshops.


Janet announced that an anonymous donor had given the Association a microphone.  The system will be kept in the Office of Human Resources. The program committee will be responsible for getting the system from the Office of Human Resources to the place where the eat and chat is going to take place.


Bill Fisher asked that issues dealing with the third annual meeting of Tennessee Higher Education Retirees Association be postponed again. Bill is unable to determine if the meeting is going to take place.


Membership Committee: Ethel Garrity, chair, announced that our membership is 357.


Finance Committee: Bill Miller, chair. Below are the financial figures as of September 25, 2007.


            Operating Fund Account                                        $2,127.08

            Life Membership Account                                    $13,915.00

            Scholarship Endowment Investment Account    $108,525.45

            Endowment Interest Income Account                     $3,272.00

            TOTAL ASSETS                                                $127,839.53


Program Committee: Ted Hughes, chair.


            Ted announced that the annual meeting will be November 2, D.P. Culp Center.

Ted is working on having two students play at the luncheon: one on the violin and the other on the piano.  The program will be about twenty minutes.  Each student will be paid the standard university honorarium for on campus performers. Tickets for the luncheon will be $7.00 per person.


Dan Johnson counted 43 people at the last eat and chat.


Communications Committee: Styron Harris, chair.


Styron reviewed the work of the committee.  There are 25 people on the committee.  Each person calls ten to eleven people for each of our events.  Betty Jane Hylton takes some of the work load off the committee by maintaining her email list of 30 people.    


Community Service Committee: Rosemary Barson, spokesperson.


Rosemary and Brunhilde Tober-Meyer gave an enthusiastic description of their work on the campus Habitat for Humanity project. Bill Fisher moved that the Association make a donation of twenty dollars to the project.  Rosemary seconded the motion.  Several members of the board felt that this motion was in conflict with the function of the Association: to raise money for scholarships for ETSU students.   The motion failed to pass:  3 for, 8 against, the president abstaining.

Janet Fisher encouraged board members to make individual contributions to the project if they wanted to.


Brunhilde described her visit to Gregory Wilgocki, executive associate vice president in the medical school, to discuss ways to recognize the efforts of volunteers on campus.  Wilgocki encouraged Brunhilde in the effort and told her that she needs to think in terms of a campus-wide program.  Brunhilde told the Board that she envisioned volunteers doing much of the work that would be necessary to maintain such a program, a program for volunteers by volunteers.

The Board indicated its approval for Brunhilde to discuss the program with Jeffrey Anderson, associate vice president in university advancement.


Liaison Committee: Bill Fisher, chair.


Bill said that the outreach committee of the faculty senate will have a full committee this year:  Alan Peiris, Bill Fisher, Gayle Crowe and Kathleen Everett.


Bill pointed out the retirees at the University of Tennessee have formed a committee to study the feasibility of establishing an emeritus college at UT-Knoxville. 


Styron Harris said that he had noticed that some colleges are publishing the names of their emeriti.  Janet asked him to follow through on this and report to the Board at the next meeting.


Janet adjourned the meeting at 4:55 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



R. Chesla Sharp


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