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Recruitment and Hiring


The Office of Human Resources maintains the university’s job posting and applicant management systems and related policies and processes designed to assist departments and search committees to recruit and select a qualified and diverse workforce.

Search Guides

PPP-35 Search Guidelines for Filling Faculty, Administrative, and Clerical/Support Vacancies serves as a reference for departments and search committee members to that ensure legal and fair recruitment and hiring practices. Also visit the Recruitment and Hiring Best Practices website for recommendations for planning and posting position advertisements.

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Hiring Systems

New eJobs System Login

Old eJobs System Login

Adjunct Contract System Summer Contract System Graduate Contract System
Used to process regular, budgeted, advertised hiring paperwork.
Used to process adjunct hires in the spring and fall semesters Used to process summer and winter adjunct contracts Used to process graduate assistants and teaching associates for academic and semester basis


eJobs Training website


(423) 439-5825


(423) 439-4457


(423) 439-4457


(423) 439-4221

Note that after December 1, 2016, all new posting requests normally processed in eJobs must be submitted in the new eJobs system. The old eJobs (PeopleAdmin 5.8) will remain active for completing hires currently posted in that system.


New Hire Onboarding

Required Paperwork

Shaking hands with new employee

Helping new hires through the hiring process is the responsibility of the hiring department. Refer new employees to the New Employee Welcome webpage for information on the new hire orientations and required paperwork. Note that department heads that allow potential employees to begin work prior to formal approval may be personally liable for wages due during the period prior to formal approval being obtained.

All employees are required to have the following completed and approved PRIOR TO starting employment with ETSU:

  • Completed/signed application or faculty profile (online version through eJobs or the Application for Employment ). 
  • Employment contract
  • I-9 (must be completed in the Office of Human Resources Room 307)
  • W-4
  • Direct Deposit

Department Orientation

In addition to the required Human Resources orientation, departments should conduct an orientation of the work area and an explanation of employee’s responsibilities and working conditions. The Department/Job Orientation Checklist provides the supervisor and the employee guidelines for reviewing departmental policies and procedures. When completed, the checklist should be returned by the new employee’s immediate supervisor to the Office of Human Resources for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file. A department orientation is mandatory for the Department of Facilities Management.


Related Forms/Documents


Checklist for Advertising, Certifying Applicant Pools, Interviewing, & Hiring (.pdf)

Department/Job Orientation Checklist (.doc)

Academic Affairs Faculty Appointment (.doc) This form is used for renewals and hires that are not processed through eJobs.

Health Affairs Faculty Appointment (.doc) This form is used for renewals and hires that are not processed through eJobs.

Temporary Hire Contract (.doc),  Temporary Hire Request to Hire (.doc) Paperwork to complete for temporary hires with the exception of faculty

Application for Employment (.doc) Paper application for hires that are not processed through eJobs.

Student Worker Hires (.doc)

Approval for Appointment Recommendation, Form A-2 (.pdf) *Promotion of ETSU Employee Only*

Uncompensated Adjunct Faculty Appointment Form (.doc)

Annual Reappointment and Salary Level for Postdoctoral Fellow (.doc)

Moving Expense Allowance Request Form (.doc)

College Transcript Request Form (.docx)

Volunteers (.doc)

eJobs Information and Training

Position Descriptions/Job Specifications

Pay Tables

Hiring Temps

Background Check Policy

Recruitment and Hiring Best Practices

Conducting an Effective Interview (Online Training)

Dual Career Assistance Program

Grant Development Assistance

Typing Tests
All pre-employment tests for ETSU positions must be administered by the hiring department after approval from the Office of Human Resources.  The free tests listed below are available to departments; however ETSU is not responsible for off-campus site content.

Typing Test,
10 Key Test,


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