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The Office of Human Resources maintains the university’s job posting and applicant management systems and related policies and processes designed to assist departments and search committees to recruit and select a qualified and diverse workforce. This page provides essential links to recruiting and hiring information and hiring systems.

Search Guides and Resources

Search Guides

PPP-35 Search Guidelines for Filling Faculty, Administrative, and Clerical/Support Vacancies serves as a reference for departments and search committee members to that ensure legal and fair recruitment and hiring practices. Refer to the procedure webpage to download a copy of this the Search Guidelines and for quicklinks to related forms.

Download Checklist for Advertising, Certifying Applicant Pools, Interviewing & Hiring (.pdf) for step-by-step instructions for navigating the advertising and hiring process.

Hiring Systems Login

LoginNew eJobs System

Old eJobs System

Used to process regular, budgeted, advertised hiring paperwork.


(423) 439-5825

Login Adjunct Contract System


Used to process adjunct hires in the spring and fall semesters

Eric Crigger - Technical

(423) 439-5235

Sharon Chase - Contracts
(423) 439-4799

Login Summer Contract System


Used to process summer and winter adjunct contracts

Sarah Harkness

(423) 439-8304

Login Graduate Contract System


Used to process graduate assistants and teaching associates for academic and semester basis


(423) 439-4221



















Regular budgeted positions are posted through the online eJobs system. See the links below to access this system. Currently we have positions posted in both our "old" eJobs system and our "new" eJobs system. The old system will remain active until the current posted positions are filled or until the system is archived in 2017.

Position Descriptions

Search the Position Description Library in eJobs for non-vacant, non-faculty position descriptions or visit the Position Descriptions webpage for faculty position descriptions and support staff specifications.

Minor change to a position descriptions including changing the direct supervisor may be requested through eJobs system for Human Resources review and approval. Instructions are available on the eJobs Information and Training webpage. Significant changes to a position description require a position audit as described on our Position Classification webpage.


Support and administrative salaries are determined by the University's Compensation Plan and the current Salary Schedules.

Background Checks

Background checks are conducted on pending applicants according to the Background Check Policy (PPP-77). The appendices of this policy lists the types of positions that require a background check.

Grant Development Assistant

The Office of Human Resources is available to assist you during grant development to clarify your personnel requirements. For details, visit our Grant Development Assistance webpage.

Hiring Temps

ETSU maintains a pool of applicants who have indicated their desire to work temporary assignments at ETSU. Applicants apply for temporary and PRN positions through the eJobs system and jobs are posted on . The pools close December 31 of each calendar year and applicants must reapply each year.

For access to the Temporary Staff Pool, contact Human Resources at for the guest user login. Contact the applicants directly to discuss qualifications and availability. When you have identified a candidate, submit the following through your chain of command:

  • Request to Hire (non-eJobs) form
  • Notice of Temporary Employment (not signed by the employee)
  • A copy of the application

All temporary employees must have I-9, W-4, and Direct Deposit forms on file with Human Resources. The new employee may complete these documents when they sign their first approved contract in Human Resources.

Refer interested applicants to or the Temporary Employment website.

Typing Tests

All pre-employment tests for ETSU positions must be administered by the hiring department after approval from the Office of Human Resources.  The free tests listed below are available to departments; however ETSU is not responsible for off-campus site content.

Typing Test,
10 Key Test,

New Hire Onboarding

Helping new hires through the hiring process is the responsibility of the hiring department. Refer new employees to the New Employee Welcome webpage for information on the new hire orientations and a list of required paperwork.

In addition to the required Human Resources orientation, departments should conduct an orientation of the work area and an explanation of employee’s responsibilities and working conditions. The Department/Job Orientation Checklist provides the supervisor and the employee guidelines for reviewing departmental policies and procedures. When completed, the checklist should be returned by the new employee’s immediate supervisor to the Office of Human Resources for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file. A department orientation is mandatory for the Department of Facilities Management.

Dual Career Assistance

The Dual Career Assistance Program helps a new employee's spouse/partner locate employment opportunities in the Tri-Cities area.  Visit the Dual Career Assistance Program webpage for information on how this program can assist dual career couples.


Find forms for new employees and requesting to hire on the Human Resources Documents and Forms page.


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