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College of Nursing


Director of Fiscal Affairs

Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Departments within the College of Nursing

Academic Programs and Student Services

Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor


Director of Student Services


Center of Nursing Research

        Research and Evaluation Services Coordinator

         Grants and Scholarship Manager


Graduate Programs

       Director of Graduate Programs


Hancock County School-Based Center

Health Education Coordinator

Nursing Supervisor

Site Coordinator


JC Downtown Center

Day Center Director

Licensed RN Case Manager

Nurse Practitioner

Registered Nurse

Center Manager


Mountain City Extended Hours Health Center

Center Manager


Office of Practice

Associate Dean

Executive Director

Clinical Research Manager

Business Director

Nurse Practitioner

Business Development Manager

Quality Compliance Manager

Outreach/ Intake Case Manager

Business Coordinator

Practice Lab Coordinator

Clinical Services Coordinator

Social Worker


Dental Hygienist


Johnson City Community Health Center

Health Center Director

Nurse Supervisor




Student Health Clinic

Executive Director, School-Based Health Clinics

Health Education Coordinator

Nurse Practitioner

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse

Center Manager


Technical Support

       Technology Manager

       Data/Network Specialist

Instructional Designer

Program Coordinator of NURSE Center


Undergraduate Programs

 Academic Director


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