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Employee Performance Evaluations Information

East Tennessee State University has a firm commitment to performance evaluation of University personnel, whatever their category and level, through the medium of a formalized system. The primary purpose of such evaluation is to assist personnel in professional development and in achieving University goals. The procedures addressed here apply to full-time, non-faculty University employee. Faculty evaluation is addressed under a separate program.

For newly hired full-time and part-time non-faculty employees, a Probationary Evaluation will be performed in the fifth month of their six-month probationary period. Annual Performance Evaluations are performed for all regular full-time and regular part-time (non-faculty) employees with more than six months of service as of March 1 of each calendar year. Employees still under probation (less than six months of service) as of March 1 will not receive an annual evaluation.

Supervisor Guides

Refer to the Performance Evaluation Guidelines (.pdf) for responsibilities and instructions for conducting employee evaluations.

Download draft versions of the probationary and annual evaluations on the Human Resources Documents and Forms website.

Visit the eTraining webpage for videos and training related to conducting performance evaluations including:

  • How to communicate your assessment of an employee's poor performance
  • Conducting Effective Evaluations
  • It's Time to Tackle those Difficult Performance Evaluations

eVals Information and Login

Probationary and annual evaluations for university staff are conducted through the electronic eValuations system. Temporary employees, graduate assistants and student workers are not evaluated through this system.

eVals allows supervisors and employees to create and store performance-related progress notes, make comments about an evaluation, and submit the evaluations electronically through the appropriate signatory chain to Human Resources. For instructions or demonstrations for completing each step of the online evaluation process, select one of the Guides below or visit the searchable eVals Frequently Asked Questions webpage for answers to commonly asked questions.

"New" eValuations Login

Probationary Evaluations of employees hired after July 31, 2016 and all Non-faculty Annual Evaluations.

"Old" eValuations Login

Only active for probationary evaluations of employees hired prior to August 1, 2016.


Supervisors: Verifying Your Direct Reports (.pdf)

Quickguide: eVals Login (.pdf)

Quickguide: Annual eVals for Employees (.pdf)
Quickguide: Annual eVals for Supervisors (.pdf)
Demo: Annual eVals Guide

Quickguide: Probationary eVals for Employees (.pdf)
Quickguide: Probationary eVals for Supervisors (.pdf)
Demo: Probationary eVals Guide


How To Log Into Your Evaluation, Employee Demonstration (video)

Probationary Evaluation, Supervisor Demonstration (video)

Missing Evaluations? (slideshow)

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