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Employee Relations

Office of Human Resources


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PPP-01 Content and Purpose of Personnel Policies And Procedures

PPP-02 Employment Classification

PPP-03 Personnel Records

PPP-04 Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Discrimination

PPP-05 Pay Procedures

PPP-06 Resignation and/or Termination

PPP-07 Outside Employment & Extra Compensation

PPP-08 Injuries on Campus/Workers' Compensation Program

PPP-09 Retirement

PPP-10 Service Award Program

PPP-11 State Employee Assistance Program

PPP-12 State Employee Suggestion Award Program

PPP-13 Educational Benefits

PPP-14 Days of Administrative Closing

PPP-15 Longevity Pay

PPP-17 Annual Leave

PPP-18 Bereavement Leave

PPP-19 Civil Leave

PPP-20 Holidays

PPP-21 Leave of Absence

PPP-22 Parental Leave

PPP-23 Military Leave

PPP-24 Sick Leave

PPP-25 Leave Transfer Between the University and State Agencies

PPP-26 East Tennessee State University Policy Statement on Drug Free Campus

PPP-27 East Tennessee State University Employee Grievance/Complaint Procedures

PPP-28 Inclement Weather Policy

PPP-29 Nepotism Policy

PPP-30 Process for Title VI Filing Internal Complaints

PPP-32 Compensation Plan Guidelines

PPP-35 Guidelines for Filling Faculty, Administrative, and Clerical/Support Vacancies

PPP-36 Employee Performance Evaluation Procedures

PPP-37 Intellectual Property Policy

PPP-38 Faculty Sick Leave Bank

PPP-39 Non-Faculty Sick Leave Bank

PPP-40 Affirmative Action Complaints

PPP-41 Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) and Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Examinations

PPP-42 ETSU Health and Safety Program

PPP-43 Animals on Campus

PPP-44 Information Technology Code of Ethics

PPP-45 Americans With Disabilities Act

PPP-46 Family, Medical and Servicemember Leave

PPP-47 Transfer of Sick Leave Between Employees

PPP-48 Employment of Minors

PPP-49 Voting Leave

PPP-50 Volunteers

PPP-51 Drug Testing

PPP-52 Educational Leave

PPP-53 Smoking/Tobacco Use Policy

PPP-54 Policy for Charitable Organization Campaigns and Contributions

PPP-55 Policy on the Access of Guests to ETSU Campus

PPP-56 Disaster Relief Service Leave

PPP-58 Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

PPP-59 Periodic Review of Administrators

PPP-60 Flex-Time

PPP-61 Support Staff Grievance Procedures

PPP-62 Policy on Sexual Orientation

PPP-63 Reduction-in-Force of Non-Tenured Employees 

PPP-64 Implementation of Modified Fiscal Year Appointments

PPP-65 Postdoctoral Recruitment and Education (Basic and Clinical Sciences)

PPP-66 Emergency Closure Policy

PPP-67 Interim SARS Policy

PPP-68 Social Security Number Policy

PPP-69 Volunteer Firefighter Service Leave

PPP-70 Progressive Disciplinary Procedures

PPP-71 Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing for Child Care Workers

PPP-72 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Review Committee

PPP-73 Telecommuting Policy Statement for Non-Faculty Employees

PPP-74 Time Clock Policy Statement for Non-Faculty Employees

PPP-75 Transcript Policy

PPP-76 Employee Stewardship Awards Policy

PPP-77 Background Checks

PPP-80 Discrimination & Harassment - Complaint & Investigation Procedure

PPP-81 Firearms Policy

PPP-82 Indoor Tan-Free Skin Smart Campus Policy: Platinum Level

PPP-83 Non-Exempt Employees Who Also Teach as Adjunct Faculty

Tennessee Board of Regents
Tennessee Board of Regents Policies and Guidelines

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