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Supervisor's Role

Vision, mission, goals, values, objectives, etc., are "buzzwords" that are regularly used in business today.  But, they are words that many supervisors and employees are unclear as to their meaning.

As supervisors we must:

  1. Read and understand ETSU's Vision, Mission and Values (
  2. Understand that ETSU's vision, mission and values provide for us a focus to our work duties and responsibilities.  As supervisors, we need the ability to conceptualize what the future should be and implement an effort to achieve that view.
  3. And, possess the same ethics, values, mission, vision, etc., championed by the ETSU culture.  As supervisors we demonstrate our values in solving problems, responding to errors, allocating resources, assigning work, etc.  Values are continually displayed to peers, employees, supervisors, students, the public, etc.
  4. Successful and effective supervisors will make the vision and mission of ETSU a reality.
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