Dual Career Assistance Program

What is the DCAP?

This program is designed to help the new employee's spouse/partner in networking and locating employment opportunities in the Tri-Cities area.  While employment is not guaranteed nor is this program a placement or employment agency, the Dual Career Assistance Program will do everything possible to contribute to the success of dual career couples.  By providing spouses/partners with the tools and information resources needed to support their search for suitable employment, regardless of the career stage of the spouse/partner, the program can be an important benefit to the dual career couple.


East Tennessee State University is committed to the recruitment and retention of highly qualified and productive faculty and administrative/professional staff members.  Recognizing that career decisions and productivity are influenced by family considerations, it has become increasingly important to consider the employment needs of the spouses/partners of new staff members.

The Dual Career Assistance Program has been developed by the Office of Human Resources for a two-fold purpose:

1.    To address some of the needs and concerns of dual career couples in seeking and securing employment.

2.    To inform the surrounding communities of the availability of talented professionals.

Who is eligible?

Only spouses/partners of faculty and administrative/professional staff (FLSA-exempt) who are recruited from outside the Tri-Cities area are eligible to participate in the program for up to one (1) calendar year.

What types of employment assistance to expect:

  • Basic entry level employment assistance, such as resume writing or interviewing skills, which may consist of workshops and classes offered through Human Resources, Training & Development located on campus.

  • Information on employment opportunities at ETSU in addition to other academic institutions in the surrounding areas, as well as listings of major area employers.
        ETSU Employment:
            eJobs at ETSU
            ETSU Human Resources Twitter Page
            ETSU Human Resources Facebook Page
            Area Employers and Job Posting Sites LINKS   

  • Listings of contacts generated through a variety of resources including a list of career-related professional associations.

  • Other pertinent information along with consultation with the Director of Human Resources for review and suggestions for further assistance.


To enroll in the Dual Career Assistance Program please print and complete the Contact Information and Employment Assistance Information Form and forward it to:

ETSU, Office of Human Resources
Box 70564
Johnson City, TN   37614
Fax (423) 439-5830

If you have any problems, please email or you may also call (423) 439-5825.