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Tobacco Use Cessation Resources

As of August 11, 2008, ETSU is a Tobacco-Free Campus, with smoking and all other tobacco usage permitted only in private vehicles.  This policy applies to all university buildings/grounds; ETSU-affiliated off-campus locations and clinics; any buildings owned, leased or rented by ETSU in all other areas; and ETSU facilities located on the campus of the James H. Quillen Veterans Affairs Medical Center at Mountain Home.  Tobacco use is also prohibited in all state vehicles.  This tobacco-free policy is in effect 24 hours a day year-round. For the complete policy, click here.

Smoking Cessation Resources

For Students: Student/University Health Clinic, 439-4225.

For Employees: Employees participating in the health insurance plan have the benefit of smoking cessation assistance.  Please contact your provider for specifics. The Employee Assistance Program provides up to six free counseling visits for employees and eligible family members to develop smoking/tobacco use cessation plans and/or to manage conflict issues within family related to cessation.  Call the Tennessee EAP toll-free number,1-855-437-3486, 24 hours a day.

General Information

  1. Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine: 1-800-QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669) Mon. – Fri. 9-4:30 EST. It is hard to quit smoking, but studies show that people who use a program really do better. Sign up for the FREE Tennessee Tobacco Quit Line program to help you quit for good. 
  2. Smokefree Tennessee
  3. Mountain States Health Alliance Health Resources Center, Johnson City Mall, 423 -952-3700 or 800-888-5551, Monday – Friday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Beat the Smoking Habit! Classes and workshops.
  4. 1-800-LUNG USA or American Lung Association
  5. American Cancer Society, Guide to Quit Smoking
  6. American Heart Association, Quit Smoking Resources 
  7. (National Cancer Institute and CDC)
  8. National Cancer Institute, Tobacco Risk Factors
  9. Centers for Disease Control-CDC, Smoking and Tobacco Use
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