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The Office of Human Resources currently has the following DVDs available to the employees of ETSU. Please contact Training & Development at if you would like to preview any for potential use during a departmental meeting.

  • FISH! - A self-motivating, team-building philosophy: Play, Be There, Make Their Day, Choose Your Attitude. From Pike Place Fish Market. If they can have fun at work, anyone can. 18 minutes

  • Fish Tales - An entertaining collection of real-life stories that detail how companies and individuals have applied the innovative FISH! philosophy to their day-to-day operations. 18 min.

  • Fish Sticks! - A follow-up to FISH! showing how the Pike Place Fish Market shares their vision and the FISH! principles with employees. 17 min.

  • Do Right - A motivational video with Lou Holtz that focuses on the themes: do the right thing; do the best you can; and treat others as you would have them treat you. 35 min.

  • The Manager’s Balancing Act - Ben Bissell.  7 ways a manager can interact with employees using paradoxes. 44 min.

  • Whale Done - Ken Blanchard.  How we can learn leadership and personal interaction techniques by observing the training of whales. 21 min.

  • Gung Ho! - Ken Blanchard and Shelton Bowles.  A true story about how a new plant manager turned around the plant using the Spirit of the Squirrel, Way of the Beaver and Lessons of the Geese. 29 min.

  • Give ‘em the Pickle! - Bob Farrell. A customer service video that describes how to treat customers so they’ll come back. 18 min.
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