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Required Training

New Employee Orientation - Policies & Procedures

All regular employees must complete this eTraining program within the first 45 days of employment.

New Employee Orientation - Policies and Procedures

All regular employees must complete these eTraining program within the first 60 days of employment.

Respect in the Workplace

Title VI

Letter from the President of ETSU

From: Office of the President

Subject: Equity & Diversity - Mandatory Online Training

Dear ETSU Employee:

Through ETSU’s mission and vision, we are committed to treating people with dignity and respect.  This core value involves all employees and affects our ability to educate our students and work together in an atmosphere conducive to building relationships on honesty, integrity, and trust. 

We are pleased to inform you about two online training programs intended to raise your awareness of promoting a productive and respectful work environment. These programs, Respect in the Workplace and Title VI will instruct and test you on various aspects of harassment and unlawful discrimination and will provide answers to common questions and suggestions for handling problem situations.  Each program offers a convenient and practical means of recognizing and avoiding sexual harassment, associated legal issues and diversity awareness.  The programs outline the current laws on sexual harassment and the University’s policies and procedures for reporting incidents. These training programs help us meet our legal requirements (Titles VII and IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Tennessee Code Annotated §49-7-122, 1993; Title VI; TBR Policy P-080) that all employees receive training periodically. 

These programs are planned as on-line sessions and may take 30 minutes to complete.  You can complete the training on your office computer at your convenience any time within the time frame given. They can also be accessed from your home computer. 

At this time, we are asking you to complete the on-line training programs within 60 days of notice from the Office of Equity and Diversity. Every employee will be required to complete the training program. Successful completion of these training programs will automatically be recorded in your personnel file.  If you want a personal copy of the completion certificate, you will have the choice to print the certificate while you are in the program. 

To access each program, go to the following links: 

You will be notified when it is time to complete refresher programs.  If you have any questions about these on-line training programs, please contact Tracy Barry in the Office of Equity and Diversity at  or 439-4444.


Brian Noland
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