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Collapse University Clerical/Support Job SpecificationsUniversity Clerical/Support Job Specifications
Account Clerk Supervisor
Accounts Payable Lead Worker
Acquistions Work Leader
Admissions and Records Lead Worker
Admissions and Records Supervisor
Air Conditioning-Refrigeration Lead Worker
Air Condtioning-Heating Shop Supervisor
Anatomic Technician
Arts Technician
Assistant Bookstore Manager
Assistant Building Activities Attendant
Assistant Equipment Manager
Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician (ALAT)
Assistant Maintenance Supervisor
Assistant Preparator
Assistant to the Contract Officer
Athletic Ticket Manager
Automotive Mechanic
Autopsy Technician 1
Autopsy Technician 2
Auxiliary Services Clerk
Baker Lead Worker
Billing and Collections Specialist
Bindery Technician
Boiler Mechanic
Boiler Operator 2
Boiler Operator
Boiler Room Helper
Book Ordering Clerk
Bookstore Manager
Bookstore Representative
Bookstore Supervisor
Building Activities Attendant
Building Activities Supervisor
Building Attendant
Building Contracts and Records Clerk
Bus Driver
Cabinet Maker Lead Worker
Cabinet Maker
Camera Room-Stripping Supervisor
Campus Nurse
Carpenter Lead Worker
Carpenter( Finish)
Carpentry Shop Supervisor
Cash Register Operator Lead Worker
Cash Register Operator
Cataloging Clerical Supervisor
Central Shipping and Recieving Supervisor
Certification Analyst 1
Certification Analyst 2
Certified Medical Assistant
Cheif Mechanic
Child Care Aide 1
Child Care Specialist
Clinical Aide
Clinical Assistant
Collections Management Assistant
Community Policing Specialist
Compositor Lead Worker
Computer Operations Coordinator
Computer Operator
Computer Programmer Trainee
Computer Programmer
Construction-Building Inspector
Cook 1
Cook 2
Cook 3
Cook Lead Worker
Coordinator (Chemical Hygiene)
Coordinator (Chemistry Laboratory)
Coordinator (Residency Programs)
Copy Center Clerk
Counselor Aide
Course Information Clerk
Crafts Room Supervisor
Custodial Equipment Mechanic
Custodial Supervisor
Customer Support Specialist
Dairy Barn Supervisor
Data Control Clerk
Data Entry Lead Operator
Data Entry Operator
Data Entry Supervisor
Dental Clinic Assistant
Dental Equipment Service Worker
Desk Attendant
Dispatch Supervisor
Dispatcher 1
Dispatcher 2
Dispatcher 3
Drafter 1
Drafter 2
Duplicating Service Clerk
Editorial Assistant
Electrcian High Voltage
Electrcian Lead Worker
Electrical Shop Supervisor
Electron Microscope Operator
Electronic Equipment Technician
Electronics Shop Supervisor
Energy System Specialist
Engineering Technician
Equipment Room Attendant
Facility Reservationist
Farm Supervisor
Farm Worker
Financial Aid Assistant
Financial Aid Clerk
Financial Aid Supervisor
Fire and Safety Technician
Food Service Lead Worker 1
Food Service Lead Worker 2
Food Service Supervisor 1
Food Service Supervisor 2
Food Service Worker 1
Food Service Worker 2
Forensic Technician
Garage Attendant
General Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor
Graduation Analyst 1
Graduation Analyst 2
Graduation Analyst Lead Worker
Grants Fiscal Clerk
Graphic Arts Technician
Greenhouse- Nursery Worker
Grounds Foreman
Grounds Shop Supervisor
Grounds Supervisor
Head Cashier
Head Nurse
Head Resident
Heavy Equipment Lead Operator
Histologic Technician
Histology Coordinator
Horse Barn Supervisor
Horticulture Technician 1
Horticulture Technician 2
Housekeeping Supervisor
Housing Reservationist
Housing Specialist
Human Resource Assistant, Senior
Human Resource Assistant
Information Center Supervisor
Information Receptionist
Information Research Technician 1
Information Research Technician 2
Information System Records Clerk
Instructional Aide
Interlibrary Loan Library Assistant
Inventory Clerk
Inventory Supervisor
Laboratory Aide
Laboratory Animal Caretaker
Laboratory Animal Technician
Laboratory Assistant, Senior
Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Stock Clerk
Lead Cash Register Operator
Lead Cashier
Lead Interpreter
Lead Mail Carrier
Lead Maintenance Engineer
Lead Postal Clerk
Learning Center Clerk
Learning Center Specialist
Legal Assistant
Library Assistant, Law
Library Assistant, Medical
Library Assistant, Music
Library Assistant, Senior - (general)
Library Clerk
Library Lead Worker
Licensed Practical Nurse
Lockshop Supervisor
Locksmith 1
Locksmith 2
LPN Lead Worker
Machinist Laboratory Technician
Machinist Lead Worker
Mail and Inventory Clerk
Mail Carrier
Mail Distribution Clerk
Mail Service Machine Operator Trainee
Mail Service Machine Operator
Maintenance Lead Worker
Maintenance Mechanic Lead Worker
Maintenance Scheduler
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Trainee
Maintenance Utility Helper
Maintenance Utility Worker
Maintenance-Custodial Supervisor
Maintenance_Custodian Worker
Maitenance Mechanic
Mason Lead Worker
Mason Supervisor
Mechanic's Helper
Media Representative
Media Specialist
Media Technician
Medical Clinic Assistant
Medical Insurance Clerk
Medical Laboratory Technician
Medical Program Facilitator
Membership Coordinator
Metallurgical Laboratory Technician
Microfilm Clerk
Milk Processing Equipment Operator
Moving and Storage Lead Worker
Museum Educational Representative
Museum Guide
Network Support Specialist
Night Administrative Clerk
Night Bookstore Manager
Nurse Aide
Office Coordinator lvl 10
Office Coordinator lvl 9
Office Machine Technician
Office Mail Carrier
Offset Camera Operator
Offset Press Helper
Offset Press Operator 1
Offset Press Operator Lead Worker
Offset Press Operator
Painter Lead Worker
Parking Attendant
Patient Care Representative
Patient Care Specialist
Patient Services Coordinator
Payroll Clerk
Payroll Supervisor
Periodicals Supervisor
Personnel Assistant
Personnel Clerk
Pest Control Operator
Pest Control Worker
Photo-Offset Machine Operator
Photographic Technician
Plumber Lead Worker
Plumbing Shop Supervisor
Postal Clerk
Postal Service Supervisor
Postal Services Supervisor 2
Pressroom Supervisor
Preventative Maintenance Technician
Print Shop Supervisor
Printing Aide
Printing Clerk
Printing Estimator
Printing Technician
Program Assistant
Public Safety Officer 2
Publications Assistant
Purchasing Assistant
Purchasing Clerk
Radiation Safety Officer-Technician
Radio Announcer
Radio Station Operator
Registrar Lead Worker
Research Technician 1
Research Technician 2
Safety Inspector
Sales Clerk
School Resource Officer
Scientific Clerk Typist
Scientific Equipment Technician
Security Guard 1
Security Guard 2
Security Guard Supervisor
Senior Histologic Technician
Senior Laboratory Animal Technician (SLAT)
Senior Medical Laboratory Technician
Sheet Metal Worker
Shipping and Recieving Clerk
Shop Mechanic
Shop Technician
Skilled Trades Helper
Slide Curator
Sports Information Assistant
Stack Supervisor
Steam and Chiller Plant Assistant Supervisor
Steam and Chiller Plant Supervisor
Stock Clerk 1
Stock Clerk 2
Stock Clerk 3
Stock Supervisor
Stores Clerk
Student Center Section Supervisor
Student Employment Clerk
Student Records Coordinator
Student Work Program Clerk
Supply Clerk
Supply Store Lead Worker
Swimming Pool Attendant
Swimming Pool Maintenance Technician
Switchboard Operator
Telecommunication Technician 3
Telecommunications Specialist
Telecommunications Technician 1
Telecommunications Technician 2
Test Administrator
Testing Technician 1
Testing Technician 2
Transcript Analyst
Transfer Admissions Clerk
Truck Driver
Turf Manager
Utility Heavy Equipment Operator
Utility Lead Worker
Utility Worker
Vending and Concessions Assistant
Vending and Concessions Coordinator
Veterans Affairs Clerk
Veterans Affairs Coordinator
Word Processing Lead Worker
Word Processing Operator 1
Word Processing Operator 2
Word Processing Supervisor
Work Order Clerk