Programs of Study

Faculty in programs of student are invited to create and implement a multi-year plan to help all students in a program of study (major or concentration) attain all six INtopFORM learning outcomes. Support for this participation includes a one time compensation for the project leaders of up to $2000 per faculty member (Max of $6000)and other workshops and resources.Read more about enhancing mastery in programs of study.

2013/14 Program of Study Participants




Arts and Sciences Art and Design  Art, B.F.A. (Studio Art Concentration)
  Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics, B.S. (all concentrations)
  Philosophy and Humanities Philosophy, B.A., B.S. (all concentrations)
  Political Science, International Affairs, and Public Administration  Political Science, B.A., B.S.
  Psychology Psychology, B.A., B.S. (all concentrations)
Business and Technology Computer and Information Sciences  Computing Major (all concentrations)
Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences Allied Health Sciences Allied Health, B.S. (Nutrition Concentration)
    Allied Health, B.S. (Radiography Concentration) 
Education Counseling and Human Services Human Services, B.S.
  Curriculum and Instruction Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, B.S. (all concentrations)
  Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation Management Sport and Leisure Management, B.S. (all concentrations) 
Nursing   Nursing, B.S.N.
Public Health Environmental Health  Environmental Health, B.S. (all concentrations)