If you have current IRB training, you are not required to complete the CITI modules prior to your current training expiration.

First Time Users of CITI Training Program

  1. Go to www.citiprogram.org  and click on “ Register for the CITI Program”, then submit.

  2. Under ALL OTHERS, Choose “East Tennessee State University” and submit.

  3. Select your Username and Password, then submit. This is what you are going to use to enter the program.

  4. Fill out Registration Page, then submit information.

  5. Select your group and submit:    Group 1- Biomedical not affiliated with VA
                                                           Group 2- Biomedical affiliated with VA
                                                           Group 3- Social and behavioral not affiliated with VA

                                                           Group 4- Social and behavioral affiliated with VA

  6. On the Learners Menu, click on “Basic Course (required; Status Incomplete)”.

  7. Complete the Required modules (top of page).

  8. To get access to the optional modules (not part of required training unless requested), click on “View the Grade Book” after completing the test on the last module. Scroll down. This will give you all the score of the modules you have completed and give you access to the optional modules.

  9. It is important that you print the certificate by clicking on “Print a certificate of completion” after finishing the test on the last module. This will trigger an email to the IRB, letting us know you completed the training.

If you have already registered at CITI, just enter your username and password. This will take you to the last page you accessed.



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