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This site is provided as a guide to  James H. Quillen VAMC investigators, and to ETSU investigators who are actively conducting or are seeking approval to conduct VA approved research.

The research of this institution is governed by VHA, DHHS and FDA regulations protecting the rights, safety, and confidentiality of human subjects in research. An approved Federalwide Assurance for the East Tennessee State University/James H. Quillen Veterans Affairs Medical Center Institutional Review Board (ETSU/VA IRB) is on file with the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Human Research Protection.

     Completion of various compliance courses in the ethical conduct of human subject research is required prior to submission. Compliance education is verified by the VA R&D and the IRB Administration at the time of submission. Research proposals/protocols will not be accepted by the Human Research Protections Program IRB Administration until credentialing has been verified by the VA R&D and the Principal Investigator and the study members of the research team (e.g., co- sub-investigator, research coordinators, etc.) have completed the required compliance course(s) or equivalent course(s) (written proof of course completion will be required prior to proposal submission).

 Investigators who are seeking to conduct research at the James H. Quillen Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) (using veteran patients, the VA facilities, equipment or VA time) must additionally seek approval from the VA Research and Development Committee (VA R&D) prior to initiating research activity. VA R&D approval is contingent upon IRB approval.                                                                                           *

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VA Forms  

        VA Medical Record Flagging Instructions

        VA Research Presentation and Publication Request to Review Form  

        VA Research Presentation and  Publication Policy  

        VA Data Use Agreement  




     VA Staff

     VA Compliance Education Requirements

    Click here to access VA-specific training

    VA Investigator's Handbook

     VHA Handbook 1200.5 Requirements for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research

    VHA Handbook 1200.01 Research and Development (R&D) Committee

    VHA Handbook 1200.08 Safety of Persons Engaged in Research

     VHA Handbook 1200.18 Intellectual Property

     VHA Handbook 1200.19 Presentation of Research Results Handbook

     VA R&D Policies and Handbooks

     VHA Handbook 1108.04, Investigational Drugs and Supplies

     Medical Center Memorandum No. 151-07-01 Policy for Allocation of Research Time 

     R&D HRPP Guide and Procedures 

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