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Inclement Weather Policy for Online Courses pdf version of this page

an Information Technology Services Policy


This policy provides guidance for students taking ETSU online courses in the event of inclement weather causing emergency University closure or schedule changes.  References the official ETSU inclement weather policy.

Asynchronous Online Courses

Asynchronous online courses are not affected by university schedule changes due to inclement weather. The instructor in an online course is responsible for any modifications in course deadlines, assignments, or other requirements in an online course. Students should contact their instructor for guidance in these situations. Asynchronous online courses are those that meet entirely online and the student is not required to attend class on campus. These courses are identified with a 9XX section number.

Students attending asynchronous online courses that have required on-campus meetings should contact their instructor if one of these meetings coincides with an inclement weather schedule change.

Synchronous Online Courses

Synchronous online courses (WebEx and ITV Streaming Sections) follow the announced schedule changes due to inclement weather. Synchronous online courses typically accompany a class scheduled to meet on-ground and meet on a specified day and time. These courses are identified with a 99X section number.

Please reference ETSU’s Inclement Weather Policy for detailed information regarding this policy.

Approved: Information Technology Governance Council
Reviewed: February 2017
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