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Research Computing Services

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Research Computing Services

Important Message to XP and Vista users:

The small number of computers running the vulnerable XP and Vista operating systems will be blocked from the ETSU network beginning Oct. 1, 2017. See "unsupported computer operating systems."

Our Mission:

To provide world class IT support for ETSU research faculty as they promote student research opportunities and advance knowledge in benefit of humankind.

Our Primary Business:

To provide an unprecedented level of support and follow up for research faculty at ETSU. Our staff will work with you to facilitate planning, procurement, implementation, data management, and maintenance stages of your research program.

Operational Goals:

  1. Reduce the use of XP or older operating systems in research laboratories.
  2. Advise faculty that 4 year old computers are available to be re-purposed for research.
  3. Consult with research faculty submitting grant applications involving IT purchases.
  4. Provide faculty with research grant inclusion templates.
  5. Assist researchers with secure storage and backup of research data and documents.
  6. Promote research activities through crowd-sourced funding opportunities.
  7. Assist faculty with high performance computing needs.
  8. Make RedCap online survey tools available to faculty.
  9. Follow up with those for whom we provide services.

A Visit to Our Office

  • Bring us up to speed on IT-related aspects of your current or proposed research projects.
  • We'll help with routine matters as quickly as possible.
  • Facing challenges or obstacles? We'll add our collective knowledge and expertise to yours.
  • We'll help you develop practical and cost-effective solutions to bring your goals to fruition.
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