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IF YOU SUBMITTED A STORY COMMUNITY APPLICATION AND HAVE NOT HEARD FROM JILL, CALL OR EMAIL HER ASAP. We've had some difficulty with the fax machine, and we don't want you to be caught up in the trouble.

Program announcement

Appalachian Community Cancer Storytelling Projects


  • Stage 1: To provide support for representatives of up to 10 communities to attend a storytelling workshop focused on the Story Circle technique, as well as advanced skill-building, and proposal-development.

  • Stage 2: To provide up to $4,000 for selected communities to support the production and travel costs associated with developing a story project and presenting it to their state's Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition in Spring 2011.

  • Selected communities will develop a pilot storytelling project focused on a part of the cancer continuum, a type of cancer, or both.


    Appalachian communities (to see a list of Appalachian Counties, click here). Communities may be nominated by a member of the community, a member of the state Comprehensive Cancer Coalition, a representative of a local or national organization.

    Individuals representing a community at the story training must be part of the community they are representing. Nominating individuals do not need to be from the community they are nominating.


  • Phase 1: Selected individuals will receive reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses (contact Program Coordinator for details). Lodging and meals, and training expenses will be covered.

  • Up to 10 communities will be selected

  • In Phase 2 the selected communities will be able to apply for reimbursement of up to $4,000 for production ($2,500) and travel ($1,500) expenses related to developing a pilot story project and presenting it to their state Cancer Coalition.


  • A completed Application/Nomination will include:

  • Identification of a particular community (by geography, demographic, or other clear distinction)

  • Identification of 2-3 individuals to represent that community at a multi-day workshop. Individuals must be able to attend workshop if selected.

  • Indentify type of cancer and/or part of the cancer continuum the pilot project will focus on.

  • Identify an organization within the community that will be able to provide funds for project and be reimbursed under contract with ETSU.

  • Selected Communities must complete a pilot story project by January 31, 2011, and present it to their state Cancer Coalition by April 2011.

 Quick Questions/Answers:

1. Who should the "nominator" be? Does it have to be someone from the state CCC?
 Communities can be nominated by someone from their CCC, but they can ALSO  be nominated by a community member. It is okay to be both the nominator and one of the individuals representing a community.

Download the Announcement & Application: CLICK HERE

If you have trouble downloading or using the packet, you may download the announcement and application separately by clicking on these links:

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

If you have any questions about the Requests for Proposals or this program, please contact Jill Bumpus, Coordinator, at (423) 439-4093 or bumpus@etsu.edu.

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