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Please email your proposal to: bumpus@etsu.edu.
 If your file is more than 1 MB
please use the Dropbox.
If you have any difficulties please contact
Jill at 423-439-4093.

*The ETSU Dropbox Certificate is expired, and renewal is delayed.  I have been assured by our IT folks that it still functions if you click through for an exception. You may choose to email a large file, but please check with me to be sure it has gotten through - don't assume I received it just because you sent it! Proposals not received by the deadline cannot be assured a review.

If your announcement allows for Fax submission, use:
423-439-7720 (Attn: Jill Bumpus)

To submit an original paper copy of your Proposal or Application, use the following address via U.S. Mail:

ETSU Office of Rural and Community Health
Attn: Jill Bumpus
Box 70412
Johnson City, TN  37614

*If sending via another service than U.S.P.S., please contact Jill for an alternate address. 423-439-4093.


Substitute W-9  (If your RFP requires a Substitute W-9, you can download it here)

If you have any questions about any Requests for Proposals or this program in general, please contact Jill Bumpus, Coordinator, at (423) 439-4093 or bumpus@etsu.edu.

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