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Northern Iraq Partnership

     The people of Northern Iraq have suffered many embargos over
the last twelve years. Consequently, medical colleges did not have internet access and physician faculty were not permitted to travel widely for continuing education. Lack of access to information has been the main dilemma of the Northern Iraq region.

     The grant, entitled, "Healthcare Partnerships in Northern Iraq", promotes development of a strategic plan to improve health of the people of the Northern Iraq region. A communication bridge between ETSU's Quillen College of Medicine faculty and resources was created. A major focus of the grant is the strengthening of relationships between the two political parties that govern the region, the three universities located in Northern Iraq and the ministries of health that organize and deliver health care to the region. ETSU has been asked to assist the parties in planning, management skills development, and health professions training with an emphasis on using interactive communications technology.

     The grant will strengthen village healthcare centers in the region and will test the successful ETSU Community Partnerships teaching health center model as a means to address the recruitment and retention of primary care professionals in rural areas.